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  • Pano mag track ng diet?

    @PawloYuhenyo said:
    hi ask ko lang po kung pano magtrack ng mga kinakain naten?
    Pano when it comes to cutting and sa bulking? try mo to sir

  • Guys ano mas okay para sainyo? Mutant whey, nitrotech whey or yung ON whey?

    @kevinM said:
    Nasubukan ko na before yung ON whey and maganda results nya sakin. Tumigil ako mag weights last year and bmalik ulit ako last month dahil sa work schedule.

    Still maganda ang ON mahal ehh hehehe pero yes still leading sya sa market but for me I prepare more cheaper whey proteins and stick to real food if you can hit your macros no need to supplement it

  • Wheyl nutrition. Filipino brand support

    @yoisthename said:
    sir how much 'to and saan mo nabili?

    lazada meron and shoppee

  • My 6 months cut phase

    @Szekan said:

    @Hrithik said:
    nakakainggit ang delts. my delts develop very slowly (if it is developing at all)

    @Szekan said:
    primouno01 wrote: »

    post yung ab workout routine!!!!

    I guess abs should be the last thing to worry about. As your body fat reduces, the abs will clear up itself. With high body fat, you could do the best abs routine but it will never show up.
    Keep eating clean with calories deficit and abs will come out.

    Yes delts are difficult and the most imp to give you that V look.
    Delts have 3 heads. In layman terms it's front, side and rear.. All three heads should be focused properly and higher priority given to the side head. That will give you the roundness and fullness.
    Its difficult to explain the exercises but side lateral raise are the most imp exercise for side delts. And correct from. Please avoid back shoulder press if you don't want longterm injury.

    and leave your ego in your house before doing shoulder injury to avoid this :)

  • headset/earphones for workout (wireless or not)

    @Hrithik said:
    Gamit ko ngayon Aukey EP-B40... Maganda ang sound quality at yung Bluetooth connectivity stable.
    Mataas din range niya. Minsan iniiwan ko na yung player sa locker na lang habang nagwoworkout.
    2K siya sa Lazada.

    Will find a review for this one... :D