Skinny fat. What would you do if you were me?

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Im a 24 yr old skinny fat 63 kg person.

My personal records are
Incline bench press 57.5kg 2x5,
squat 85kg 3x5,
deadlift 100kg 2x3
Overhead press 45kg 1x3

I have been lifting for a year on and off. Before I started lifting, I was skinnier with a belly fat.

Im on a 2500 cal diet but i seem be gaining a lot of belly fat but my other muscles are getting "toned".

I tried 2700 and 2900 cal before but im just getting belly fat, no fat on other body parts.

I tried 2000 cal before and i look unhealthy and sick.

If you were me, would you bulk or maintain calories and build muscle or cut the belly fat while building muscle?

Edit: I have 33.5 inch belly and 12 inc arms. 5'8" in height.

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  • Change my workout to a 8-15 rep (or until muscle failure) range,moderate weight atleast until I pack enough muscle mass then go for heavierweight later
    1800 calories with macros concentrating on higher protein and lower carb
    What is your goal?How often do you exercise in a week?Do you exercise until you fatigue?How many sleep do you get in a day?Do you want big guns or Cristiano Ronaldo physique?
    Always remember that belly fat , of all the fat in your body is the last to disappear and gaining more muscle mass would help you burn more calories.
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    More like of a Cristiano Ronaldo body. I just want my body to look like an adult.

  • How much protein is in your diet? Calories are important, but you also need to make sure that you consume enough protein - this is the building material for your muscles. If you can't get it with your food, then there's protein powder now. I did this so that my muscles grew. You also need some kind of physical activity outside of the gym, like ping pong with it, so your body can burn off excess fat.

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    Hello, I have gained about 25kg in 4 years and now I need to get rid of it. I want to weigh 72-74kg.
    I have a sedentary job. My wife is already laughing a little at me.
    Recently she gave me a heavy mug so that I could at least lift something heavy.

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