Skinny fat. What would you do if you were me?

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Im a 24 yr old skinny fat 63 kg person.

My personal records are
Incline bench press 57.5kg 2x5,
squat 85kg 3x5,
deadlift 100kg 2x3
Overhead press 45kg 1x3

I have been lifting for a year on and off. Before I started lifting, I was skinnier with a belly fat.

Im on a 2500 cal diet but i seem be gaining a lot of belly fat but my other muscles are getting "toned".

I tried 2700 and 2900 cal before but im just getting belly fat, no fat on other body parts.

I tried 2000 cal before and i look unhealthy and sick.

If you were me, would you bulk or maintain calories and build muscle or cut the belly fat while building muscle?

Edit: I have 33.5 inch belly and 12 inc arms. 5'8" in height.

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  • Change my workout to a 8-15 rep (or until muscle failure) range,moderate weight atleast until I pack enough muscle mass then go for heavierweight later
    1800 calories with macros concentrating on higher protein and lower carb
    What is your goal?How often do you exercise in a week?Do you exercise until you fatigue?How many sleep do you get in a day?Do you want big guns or Cristiano Ronaldo physique?
    Always remember that belly fat , of all the fat in your body is the last to disappear and gaining more muscle mass would help you burn more calories.
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    More like of a Cristiano Ronaldo body. I just want my body to look like an adult.

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