Best way to loss fat

what do you think which is best way to loss weight Exercise or supplements...??
share with me...


  • Bazyli wrote:
    what do you think which is best way to loss weight Exercise or supplements...??
    share with me...

    cardio exercises is the best fat burner with proper diet offcourse

  • Easy lang, unti-an mo lang yung pagkain mo. For example, nakain ka ng 3 cup rice at 2pc. Chicken gawin mo 1 cup rice lang. Yan parati ko sinasabi sa mga beginner kasi if you'll get too technical di din nila ma gets. Kung kaibigan ko naman o kahit sino na malapit saken eh i'll make fun of them, yun payat agad sila tough love ika nga. El-badass diet program.
  • Early morning exercise is one of the best way to loss weight. In early morning your body is very energetic so for that you have to exercise well. And in morning exercise is very beneficial to your health so for that it is very helpful to loss weight. Early morning running also help to reduce weight.
  • Hi guy,

    Here are some tips for the fat loss.

    Do exercise regularly
    Running, swimming and jogging
    Drink plenty of water
    Control your diet
    Take more boiled vegetables
    Don't take more cholesterol and fatty foods
    Eat fresh fruits especially citric fruits
    Drink fresh fruits juice
    Take green tea
    and use fish oil

    Maitland diet
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    proper exercise, diet and rest.. yang TRIAD na yan ang sagot hehehehe..
  • yan ang wala ako eh, rest. lol
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    hahaha! fact naman ata diba pre? lol
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    sama na natin si toysuki wahahahaha ( lahat kau sasama ko hehehehe )
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    Kapag nag-diet ka lang bigla for me hindi siya effective. Kelangan kasi ma-incorporate mo yung habit sa utak at body mo. Kaya for me, you start with the habit of not eating too much, doing cardio, etc. Pag nakasanayan mo kasi isang bagay, unti unti, kahit ndi mo na iniisip ginagawa mo na lang. ^_^

    Pag crash diet mahirap siya kasi very taxing sa mind and body. Unless totally desidido ka, you are bound to fail.
  • I think regular exercise is best way to loss fat.Also you can take supplement like protein shake after work out.
  • There are many way to loss fat. Some of the listed below.
    1. exercise regularly
    2. Running, swimming and jogging
    3. Take green tea
    4. Don't take more cholesterol and fatty foods
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    the best way to loose fat is to do exercises and keep a balance diet. Keeping a good balance in your food and exercised neither let you go too fat nor too thin. If you eat and eat all day and you do not do any exercised surely you will get fat and lazy. Exercises like running, walking, skipping, swimming, jogging, etc burn your calories and help you prevent getting fat. A good balance should always be there in your food and exercise.
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    mga sir, anong exercise ang maganda pang burn ng belly fat? pwera na lng sa cardio (runnung, biking etc...)

    thank you...
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    mga sir, anong exercise ang maganda pang burn ng belly fat? pwera na lng sa cardio (runnung, biking etc...)

    thank you...

    Core wrote:
    Adbominal exercises like sit-ups and crunches...

    No such thing as spot reduction. Only Belo, Calayan and other vanity doctors can do tha.
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    salamt pre
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    The real secret to weight loss is to make small, lasting changes. Make a fitness plan that contains quality workout and healthy diet. Running, walking, cycling, swimming are amazing exercises. Eat preferably green veggies.

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    I think that exercise is the best way to reduce weight. But with that don't forget to take balanced diet. In fact you should follow a healthy diet plan and try to drink more water. During your exercise try to do cycling and swimming or aerobics are also effective way.
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