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  • Road to somewhere

    @ivandeasis said:
    *now i drink 2-3 liters

    2 servings of whey = around 270-300 calories

    2 eggs = 135-150 calories
    1 cup of rice = 205 calories

    chicken = If it's from the canteen, I doubt you're getting 200 grams of chicken breast, so this is just my estimate of your calories for chicken, around 250 calories, depends on the part
    rice = 205

    2 servings of whey = around 270-300 calories

    If you add it all up and add the other ingredients present in those foods you eat, you're getting around 1400-1500 calories. We're about the same height, and I'm consuming 2500 calories, and with that, I can maintain my weight of 66.5-67 kilograms. When I was cutting, I was consuming 1500-1750 calories.

    You don't eat at dinner? You need to eat more.

    2 eggs - 11 grams of protein
    chicken - Again, just my guess since it's just from the canteen, let's say 40 and I'm being generous here.
    Whey - 102-120 grams (if you're taking promatrix 7, it's 23 grams per serving. Promatrix 7 lover here too.
    2 cups of rice - 8 grams of protein / 4 grams of protein per cup

    I know these things because I actually choose and weigh my food. And count my macros.

    So you're getting about 160-170 grams of protein, which is okay. Pero kulang sa calories.

    And you need more carbs and healthy fat.

  • promatrix advance mass gainer or mutant whey? do i need to gain weight or okay na?

    @ivandeasis said:

    ** recommended for body building is 1.3-1.5grams of protein per pound of your body weight, so lets compute, nasa 160lbs ka ngayon so most likely kelangan mo ng 208-240 grams of protein per day. so kung sa tingin mo kulang yung kinakain mo na protein. better take protein supplements.

    P.S. di lang protein ang importante, you also need to check your calorie intake, because you need calories so you would have energy.

    Well, if he's not an athlete, 208 grams of protein seems to be already too much. For average guys, okay na yung .75-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Madami na yun. You know the Hodgetwins on YouTube? The dudes are 6'2" and they take 125-140 grams of protein on average.

    By the way, source:

    "How much protein does the average guy need?
    Depends on whether you work out or not and how strenuous your workouts actually are. Your average desk-bound male requires just 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.

    But exercise can nearly double those requirements. For endurance athletes, Peter Lemon, a professor of exercise nutrition at the University of Western Ontario, recommends getting between 0.5 and 0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight. "For strength athletes, those numbers are even higher--generally between 0.7 and 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight," he says. If you've been shooting for a gram of protein per pound of body weight--or more--you're overdoing it. Your body won't be able to process those extra calories, and they'll ultimately end up as just one thing: fat."

    You were spot on with regard to calories, though. Don't use mass gainers. Guys who take mass gainers are those who have a hard time eating more food.

    More importantly, be patient. Just go to the gym and work out properly and regularly. Don't give up. Before you know it, you have made all kinds of gains. ALL KIIIINNNDS!

  • Uneven Chest

    Usually hindi talaga pantay. Pero kung sobrang hindi sila pantay, siguro icheck mo yung form mo pag nagwoworkout ka. Kung may kasabay kang friends, ipacheck mo kung pantay yung pagbaba mo ng barbell or dumbbell, baka naman tabi kaya hindi rin nastimulate yung isa.

  • ProMatrix7-My personal experience

    I'm so satisfied with PM7. It tastes good and more importantly, it's inexpensive. You cannot just sit up there and say that it sucks, when you don't have the other important factors in bodybuilding in check. Supplements are just supplements; they should not be your main source of macros. Most of your macros should come from your diet. You should just exert more effort on watching what and how much you eat. Do you even have a food scale? If not, how do you count your calories? Do you have an idea how many calories there are in foods, i.e. chicken breast vs chicken thigh? There's a lot of addition and subtraction involved when you're monitoring your diet. Do you prepare your own food? That's just the diet part. You can work your ass out in the gym and not see results because your diet is way off.

    Also, don't be comfortable at the gym. If you're comfortable, you're probably not building muscles. You have to do uncomfortable workouts and make your body adjust to it until you're comfortable again and then repeat the process. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. When you spend so much time on your phone while working out, you're not working out right, I believe.