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  • Tips for beginners/noobs/newbies.

    sharing what i learned this past 25s year of working out, time to give back.

    1. Enjoy what you are doing, if all the sets and reps feels like a chore, sooner or later youll quit.
    2. Dont over complicate stuff, See number 1, enjoy yourself and your newbie gains, dont think about Macros and all that stuff.
    3. Leave the EGO at home, stick to 8-12reps, your core and nervous system are not yet used to lifting heavy.
    4. Rest, more time in the gym doesnt mean better.....
    5. Take every advice with a grain of salt, what works on someone may or may not work for you.
    6. Stick to whole foods, dont think about protein shakes and supplimentation, as time goes on, youll gain experience, you will know what you need and when you need or if you need them....
    7. Gauge yourself on how you look in the mirror not the scale, for those trying to lose body fat, dont cut calories just yet, working out might have created a caloric deficit...
    8. Lasty stay consistent and be patient, if it was easy, everybody would look the same.
  • Cardio or no cardio??

    @RyanChin said:
    Hello po newbie here, medyo naguguluhan lang ako sabi nila hindi na kailangan ng cardio para palabasin yung abs pero mag 4months na ginagawa ko weights+Abs workout pero hindi parin matanggal yung fat. kailangan ko ba talaga mag cardio? pero nagpapalaki rin kasi ako ng katawan.

    The truth is you dont need to do abs to have abs, abs are made in the kitchen, working out is just 10-15%.... And now youre trying to bulk...doesnt make sense....well cardio does help in increasing metabolism by making your body more efficient in using oxygen....but if you can have a caloric deficit by just strength training you dont need cardio to get lean.

  • My journey of self improvement.

    I started working out around the early nineties, i was around my late teens, was always active and into various sports until i was plagued by injuries, basketball took its toll on my knees, like what i said i was active, no matter what situation in life was in, i was always lifting, pushing or pulling something, i dwelve for a few years in competative shooting, , as usual, lifting was there, then everytime there is a gun ban when there are no competitions, i took to mountain bike, i was a regular in nuvali, bombing the trails twice a week, plus a monthly century ride from pque to tagaytay and was good, again weightlifting was also there, when i stopped doing mtb, i concentrated on being the biggest that i can, at 6ft i came close to 260lbs, , here i am with few childhood friends, familiar faces? Yes i was big, strong? Maybe, but i have one weakness, i was a binge drinker, i wont go home until i was piss drunk, i was a johnny walker guy, neat please(no ice, no chaser)last dec 2015, me and my family was in korea for 2 weeks, what do you do when its cold and snowing? drink soju...and beer, every night, we went back here in there philippines a few days before new year, the usual drinking fanfare happen, jan 1 we came home from a party, i was having a tummy ache, the pain, became so intense, i was vomitting non stop, i was rush to the E.R that night, i was having what they call acute pancreatitis, the one that killed rico yan, when i was at the E.R, i was saying goodbye to my wife, mother and daughter, the acid from my pancreas damaged my kidneys, my creatinine level was 1600( normal was 137), the doctor said dialysis is needed to save my kidneys, i had 4 dialysis session, i was 220lbs when i admitted in the hospital, i balloned to 260lbs because i was not excreting any waste, fecal and urine , i was at death's door and in constant pain, plus all the pain killers(morphine) they were giving me made me see things, i was already talking to shadows that only i can see, after a few bouts of dialysis they started to see improvements, bad news is, i needed to be operated on, i have gall stones as big as chic peas, and my gall baldder was full to the brim, after staying in the hospital for two weeks and a hospital bill amounting to half a million, i was told that i cant lift again, i need to watch what i eat, only a low protein diet, and i need to go back to re schedule my operation, my creatinine was still high, we still had to wait if it goes down or not, i stayed at home for a week, the first time we went out to go to church, i immediately went to chris sports to buy those resistance bands, bought the 5lbs band for girls:) started using them, btw i have a stationary bike at the office which helped a lot, Then some good news came, my creatinine was low enough to merit an operation, when the doctor saw me he said, i see youve been working out again, they took out my gall bladded 2nd week of april 2016, , the doctor said again youre not allowed to lift anything for a month, a day after my operation, i was on the stationary bike, after 5days i was in the gym lifing light weights, heres a pic a few days after the operation here one after a month , i can now do 80lb dumbells for 10-12reps, right now im around 80%, im still recovering, i hope to gain few more pounds, , btw im 6ft 198lb 32inch waist, age 42....thank you lord for giving me another chance, btw did i metion i have a titanium sleeve in my arm, broke it before in a few places, well thats another story.

  • Fat Monkey

    @fatmonkey said:

    ok yan paps, welcome to the tupperware club, mayroon kaming 3 day vacation this week, my wife got mad coz i was still doing my food prep to bring to the hotel, sabi sakin saka na muna yang kalokohan na yan...

  • Monching11: Project Pogi

    K, peace paps

  • My Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

    beef champurado anyone? :)

  • My journey of self improvement.

    Forgot the pic

  • My journey of self improvement.

    Para yatang 100 a box, last around 5 days, di ko napansin price kasi may kasama syang ibang items, i used to purchase one from royale, but they were not capsules, ok sya if you eat meat a lot...

  • My journey of self improvement.

    Got eat lunch here at atc, if myfitnesspal's estimate are correct, calories Is only 1000 cal for the 2pcs 1/3lb angus burgers for 199. Not bad.

    After eating, family went to the grocery,

    My food for the week is:

    3 dozen eggs, 4 kilos of mixed breast and thigh fillet, 1 kilo ground beef..