How can I get my arms to becomefat again? I lost a lot of weight n the past 2 yrs. What should I eat

I'm literally a walking hanger. :(


  • ivandeasisivandeasis Posts: 74D-Class

    do you really want your arms to carry fat in it instead of muscles? i recommend you to pack it up with muscles using basic arms exercise. bicep curls and tricep pull downs and if you want to have a bigger arms, invest time on working out your arms. eating would help, but fat in your arms is a no no. thus making your arms fat would make your whole body fat. no food/fat goes to your arms directly. fat distribution is proportional in every part of your body.

  • pdtrxpdtrx Posts: 26E-Class

    If you are skinny fat then better focus on compound lifts then just add accessory exercises for arms eg. any curl variations

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