Do i need this?

Calling for experienced bodybuilder here, gxto ko lang po sna mahingi payo nyo. Gxto ko po sna bumili ng ON AMINO TABS. Waste po ba itong supplement or hindi? Salamat po dumb here.


  • xerophytesxerophytes Posts: 130C-Class


    Body is 4 characters too short.

  • SyndicateSyndicate Posts: 79D-Class

    Wide spectrum of amino acids= waste. Food na lang papi or consider BCAA in the future if you're insisting to take supplements.

  • xerophytesxerophytes Posts: 130C-Class
    Or just buy high quality whey for post workout protein
  • TryandTry101TryandTry101 Posts: 628A-Class

    may pera sa amino2222 lol

    Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS..Stay natty til I

  • BoyRhomboidsBoyRhomboids Posts: 28E-Class
    Thank you BCAA nlang ako mga paps
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