Balik loob hubog alindog.

Kakaumpisa ko lang kanina with my officemates sa bakal gym kaso sobra akong napagod kaagad sa squat (Empty olypic Bar) pa lang anyway part un ng process hahah.

Guys need help na tigil ako ng morethan 1 year and eto na sstrugle ako mag upisa ulit. Patulong ako sa WO plan any suggestions?

Eto ung plan ko pero correct if im wrong kasi dko na tlga alam. My Goal is body recomposition losing fats while gaining muscle.

Eto stats ko ngaun.
Weight 79 KG.
Height 5'8
Body structure - Dad bod lol (ill add picture soon)

Work off ko lagi is Friday/ Saturday Work time 7 PM - 4 AM nag Wwork ako as IT Rep.

Monday- Chest and Bicep.

Decline Bench Press - 12,10, 8 x 3
Bench press - 12,10, 8 x 3
Incline Dumbell Press - 12,10, 8 x 3.
Optional - Cable Flyes

Barbel Curl - 12,10, 8 x 3.
Any suggestions about this Bicep Work out.

Wednesday - Leg day.

Squat - 5x5
Stiff legged DL - 5x5
Leg Press - 12,10,8 x3
Optional Ab' Roller

Friday - Back and shoulder.

Deadlift - 5x5
Barbell Rows - 12,10,8 x 3
Cable Machine - 12,10,8 x3
Dumbell Shoulder press - 12,10,8 x3

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