Packers and Movers siruseri

I did have an old VHS machine for the first year, and we did rent about half a dozen films during that time, but the video shop was quite a long walk away, so apathy
set in... So as I was simply using the machine for time-shifting, I decided to bring the V2000 machine to uni instead. I still have it, but it's been in the attic for
10 years, and I don't expect it'll work without some fettling - but luckily I do have the full service data and a lot of spare boards. Finding the remote - and its
strange 4.5V battery - might be challenging, but it'll be up there somewhere...
Once I'd got used to the very strange user interface, I really loved it. Brilliant picture quality and great "trick" modes with no noise bars, etc. There was even.Thanks for the forum posting ...this is very useful to me............

Packers and Movers siruseri
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