Iron Addict for life!

I've always looked up to my brothers, kasi nung bata pa ako, idol ko talaga sila kasi they were both strong and fit. Then it all started when I was on high school; ung PE namin weight lifting. I noticed that I was stronger than most of my classmates (despite my size). After that, I was hooked! Ang sarap ng feeling!

Since then, I started going to the gym but sobrang occasionally lang (2-3x a month lol). I usually didn't know what I was doing (puro chest at arms lang) tapos nahihiya ako mag tanong sa mga tao. Minsan kumukuha pa ako ng Whey protein sa mga kuya ko at iniisip ko bigla ako magkaka muscles haha! Sobrang noobie lang talaga... Pretty much nung college ako, sobrang busy so nawalan talaga ako ng oras mag gym. Kaso nung lumuwag na after ng thesis namin, I started to go to the gym again. Then eventually, through trial and error, natuto rin ako on what and what not to do, but it wasn't until I graduated from college (2010). that I started going to the gym regularly, and na masasabi ko talaga na I know what I was doing; but of course, there is always room for new knowledge :)

I'd say I'm hooked on this for life. I will never stop lifting kahit matanda na ako. The sheer joy and pleasure I get from this is unparalleled. Iron addict for life!
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