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I've always liked doing exercises back in high school. I'd run every morning, do push-ups and use one of those bending bars for the biceps (sorry I really don't know what it's called, what I remember is that it's body is made of tough spring covered in rubbery foam). It was mundane so to speak. 

In college, I got into Greco-Roman wrestling. Being lean, (probably too lean for my own good) I was always taken as a human dummy whenever our instructor needed to throw someone around. Mind you, my body didn't look all that bad; if I were to look to a comparison, I'd say I look like a gymnast, like this little guy: 


But I was too light.

I took working-out seriously back in 2008. I bulked up tremendously, but mostly through dirty bulking. I was only able to get muscularly-lean when I trained for Muay Thai. 

1912480_665725250150632_1504594698_n.jpg?oh=a4eca58efbde37eba7dd203cb0793818&oe=56331308Now, I am looking into bulking-up again. I am dead-set on building a hard-muscular body worthy of competition. But it's not just for the pursuit of aesthetics, but because I want to push myself to become better in terms of strength and discipline. 

I hope you guys could help me out. I will also contribute should I have something that I think would be helpful.

Let's all keep pushing!


  • Tried German Volume Training yesterday alongside my usual chest routine. My muscles feel tightly-good.
  • AestecniquesAestecniques Posts: 487C-Class
    Nice story and goal bro... keep it up!
  • Nice story and goal bro... keep it up!

    Hey thanks man! Recently it's been kind of a struggle due to various responsibilities, but yeah, I'm keeping my goals. I'll get there.

    Stay awesome man!
  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    dream ko to maging magandang physique tapos may fighting style gaya sa ufc.. good luck sir plano nyo
  • Emman1986 wrote:
    dream ko to maging magandang physique tapos may fighting style gaya sa ufc..  good luck sir plano nyo

    Sige sikapin natin! Ako rin ganun. Salamat! Balitaan tayo.
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