AFTERBURN "Sleeve-X" (Product Review)

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I was given the privilege to be one of the first to try AFTERBURN's latest product called Sleeve-X. To come up with an honest review, I used them on several training sessions to see if it will fit my standards when it comes to training apparel.

Afterburn Sleeve-X Rage:


Afterburn Sleeve-X Steel:


Material: Dri-Fit
Size: Large 
Design: Slim / Body-fit
Colors: Rage (black and red) / Steel (gray and black)

I normally wear large-sized shirts and hoodies during training and you will rarely see me train on tanks, sando, basketball jersey and anything alike. Although I have no problem wearing them during workouts, I make sure that I'm either comfortable with it or atleast look good at it. So, I wore Sleeve-X in the gym and during my cardio, here are my thoughts:

1. It came in Black-Red and Gray-Black! My favorite colors! Shades of Badass!
2. The slim-cut enhances the V-taper and looks aesthetic yet athletic because of the sleeveless design. Kinda make you look like you're training seriously.
3. Material was light and flows with my movement. When playing basketball I prefer wearing something that allows me to move freely and although in my opinion Sleeve-X was not designed for basketball, it was fine.
4. I sweat a lot during my workout and cardio and surprisingly Sleeve-X was able to hold-off my excessive sweating on several occasions which I wasn't expecting especially if i compare it to my other branded dri-fit shirts.
5. Sleeve-X is not that slippery when I'm soaked in sweat. The bar and dumbbells doesn't slide easily when I rest them on the surface of the shirt.

1. I got a Large size. Not sure if it's the biggest. It fits me well except on the shoulder area. I don't know if my shoulders and arms are too big for a Large size or if the cut-sleeve design is small. It gets very tight when I have a good upper body pump. It's not that stretchable on the shoulder/armpit area compared to the neck.

1. Improve the print of the logo. The left chest area gets a lot of iron rubbing during workouts and not to mention the frequent and hard laundry on a regular basis. With my experience with my other apparels, it got erased in no time.
2. Probably an additional inch on the armpit area for more flexibility during a good chest and shoulder pump.


Material:                                             8
Size/Fitting:                                       8
Design:                                                9
Colors:                                                10
As Gym Wear:
As Sports Wear:                              
Confidence Boost:                           
Aesthetic Look:                               
Athletic Look:                                    
Gym Pogi Points:       
9 for "Steel" and  10 for "Rage"
Overall Swagger: 
      8 for "Steel" and  9 for "Rage"

Thanks Again to Team @Afterburn

Here's some pics from my journal. I'll probably post some more.



  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927C-Class
    san sila mahahagilap sir V? may ibang designs pa sila? @badass_vinch
  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class
    Ghee wrote:
    san sila mahahagilap sir V? may ibang designs pa sila? @badass_vinch

    Sa FB bro. You could also PM @Afterburn.


  • AfterburnAfterburn Posts: 3
    Hi Sir Vinch,

    Thank you sir for the honest review. Your comments are highly appreciated and important to us to look through our products to make it more better.

    Thank you very much again sir @badass_vinch.
  • AfterburnAfterburn Posts: 3
    Sir @Ghee,

    Right now that's the only product and design we have. But we have plans to create new products in the future.

    You can check our FB page sir and please like our page to get updated with our future releases.

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