Thick Bar Training - share your thoughts and experience

Anyone here tried thick bar training ?

I came across a product called Fat Gripz. It turns 1-inch diameter bars into 2-inch diameter bars


It seems I have a very weak grip. In the Romanian Deadlift, I can lift 172 lbs without the Fat Gripz but it plummets to 102 lbs with Fat Gripz.

In the Dips, I don't feel pain anymore in my right wrist when doing it with Fat Gripz. I was also able to do more reps and felt stronger in the dip when using Fat Gripz

I haven't tried it with Pull Ups yet coz the pull up bar in the gym has a diameter less than 1 inch. Fat Gripz cannot clamp on it firmly

The Fat Gripz has been with me for about a week now. I will try it for about 6 months then see if there are improvements in my grip and forearm development

I bought Fat Gripz in OLX since there are no authorized retailers/distributors of Fat Gripz here in the Philippines.

There are other similar products like:


Iron Bull


  • OhsnapOhsnap Posts: 425
    I thought of axle bar na ginagamit ko haha .
  • These are scams.
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    @ Powersthetic

    Have you tried thick bar training and you didn't gain anything ?

    How long have you used it ? On what exercises ?

    Thanks, bro :)
  • Nope I haven't used this.
    Best way to build a stronger grip is deadlifts, static hold and farmers walk... without straps, gloves and fat grips.
    But I think this is a great way for hypetrophy to have a better contraction with your muscles.
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    The gym where I lift has 1-inch diameter bars. Some of the bars are even smaller, probably about 0.75-inch diameter. I don't use straps or gloves but I "feel" that it's kind of hard to apply max grip force on those bars. In the dips, I felt stronger with Fat Gripz. I don't know if it's just a coincidence so why I will test it for months

    Anyway, I'll observe for myself if thick bar training will benefit me and if there is a translation to standard bar training

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