I just wanted to share a topic para kung bumili kayo ng whey protein or mass gainer malalaman nio kung okay ba ang binili at worth it.

AMINO SPIKING -Amino acid spiking is essentially the practice of dumping high amounts of the cheapest, least valuable amino acids into the powder in order to cut costs while keeping the total protein content elevated.

For labeling purposes, the total protein gram amount listed on the product is based on the total nitrogen content. As a result, even though these isolated amino acids are technically not “protein”, they’ll still contribute to the total.

This means that you’re not getting a complete protein source when using these products, and it means you’re getting higher amounts of some of the least effective amino acids when it comes to supporting muscle protein synthesis.

The specific amounts that are used will certainly vary from product to product, but to my knowledge some companies are currently spiking as much as half of their total protein content with these low quality amino acids. In other words, you might think you’re getting 30 grams of high quality, complete whey protein in every scoop, when in reality you’re only getting 15 grams along with a bunch of nearly worthless filler.

Even for the companies that do this on a small scale with just a few grams of cheap amino acids per scoop (in which case it probably won’t impact your bottom line results), why would you purchase a spiked protein powder when there are so many other legitimate options available? Why not get your full money’s worth? And, why support a company that is being blatantly dishonest with you?

EX: TAURINE, GLYCINE, CREATINE (should not be included in whey), ARGININE

Amino spiking is considered a scam.

Here are some articles about AMINO SPIKING.


Protein powders under review for protein-spiking

The following products are under review for protein-spiking along with the potential cheaper amino acid used in the product.
•Body Fortress - Glycine, creatine and taurine
•ProSupps - Glycine and taurine
•MusclePharm Arnold Series - Glycine and taurine
•4 Dimension Nutrition - Creatine
•Mutant Nutrition - Taurine and Glycine
•Top Secret Nutrition - Taurine
•Gaspari Nutrition - Glycine
•Giant Sports Nutrition - Taurine and creatine
•Infinite LabsL - Glycine and taurine
•Beast Sports Nutrition


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