Dymatize super amino

This is an amino complex supplement, ALMOST all amino acids are in there. Just like your multi vitamins. It has 6000+mg of amino acids stated by the name. Its a combination of fast and slow acting amino acids ( casein component). With bcaas ang glutamine.

I've been using dymatize super amino 6000 for 3 weeks now and you can feel the difference during and after working out. I always take 3 tabs before and 3 tabs after workout.

The tablets are quite big but its normal for amino acid tablets. 3 tabs are very hard to swallow so you need to drink plenty of water.

Just like any other supplements it will give you an extra boost. With super amino 6000 You can feel that your body is not tired. I tried adding extra weights to my normal regimen. It didn't quite go well. I drank 3 more tabs after working out. again you can feel the effect.

As i lay down to sleep. There's this involuntary twitching of muscles. I dont know if its good or bad. But id like to think of it that the bcaas are kicking in.

Overall. This is really a good product. They could have amplify a little bit more to 20000mg of aminos. Also they could have added extra grams of bcaas to make it 5grams of leucine,Isoleucine and valine. Or add micellar casein a little bit more. Its only a wishful thinking. Definitely,i recommend this to anybody looking to build lean muscles.
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