Training to failure vs not training to failure

Thoughts on this mga sir? Gusto ko lang malaman ano view niyo sa topic na ito and on what you believe is more optimal.

I've always been a fan of training to failure because I love the feeling! last set of almost all my workouts is to failure or beyond (drop sets to failure). This has always worked for me. If I don't train to failure, I feel na bitin workout ko. btw I train each muscle group 1-2x a week.

Though if I google training to failure, 90% or so ng nababasa ko ay not necessary cya or counter productive because masyado na sstress ung CNS..

Do you guys train to failure? If so how often?


  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class
    ako depende sa muscle group and exercise. kung multi joint exercises like squats & deadlifts i go all out pero sometimes din hindi. Since halos buong katawan ang ginagamit dito its impossible to fail a specific muscle. like sa squat, pag bumigay quads mo magtetake over yung hams or glutes and vice versa. Sa DL naman pag mahina na yung hams napupunta sa erectors yung stress pero madalas grip ang unang bumibigay. Yung mga compound exercises ang malakas makastress sa CNS kung training to failure on just 1 all out set. Iba yung failure sa isolation exercise kasi specific at konting muscle lang ang naaactivate kaya kahit 20 sets pwedeng magfail yung muscle pero hindi yung CNS. Dati ang definition ko ng failure is total annihilation nung muscle group or exercise. it worked of course, given that my diet and recovery is inline with that kind of approach. However, after having recurring injuries on my joints I was forced to drop the volume. I always lift heavy but I sticked with straight sets now and have to throw away dropsets, rest pause and minimize supersets for the mean time. As a result, I got good gains despite recovering from injuries. I got bigger, I can train everyday, kept my strength and even improved on all my lifts. Every now and then i train some muscle to failure like calves, arms, abs but my game plan is still intensity over volume. I realized that pain should not be the basis of a productive WO because you might be doing more harm than good.


  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    compound exercises > definitely a no no to training until failure , same reason as what sir vinch said. Too much taxing sa CNS. Sa work set ko pa lang, kulang ang 3 - 5 minutes na pahinga para makapag recuperate nang lakas, ( example, on my routine, squat then deadlift, let's say I'm trying to hit a PR on reps / weight or even sa work set lang, after nun, mahilo hilo na ko sa next exercises ).

    Isolation exercises > depends on what part ( normally sa calves and biceps ko to ginagawa ).
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