Need suggestion on my current DIET please

Hello po. Newbie here. Just want to hear your opinion/suggestion about my current Diet. Bago lang ako nag wo-workout and not so sure about my diet if I'm eating right. I'm on a bulking phase, 5,7" at 148lbs. Planning to reach at least 180-190 lbs lean mass, if possible?

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Here's the breakdown of my current diet and supplement.

Current program: Down and Up by Jym Stoppani
I workout first thing in the morning.
Pre Meal : 2 scoops EliteLabs Mass
Pre Supp : Assault
Post: 2 scoops EliteLabs Mass
Meal 1: 1 cup instant oats + 6 eggs(3 wholle, 3 whites)
Meal2: 1 cup brown rice + Half sized medium chicken breast
Meal 3: 4 slices wheat bread with 2 tbs peanut butter + 24g whey shake (alternating days -monday>meron, tue>wala- nagtitipid kasi)
Meal 4: 1cup brown rice + fist sized pork or fish or beef (sometimes with veggies soup)
Meal 5: 24 g Casein (before bed)

Any thoughts?
Maraming salamat po. :)


  • Pa help nmn po mga masters if I have the right diet. Thanks! :)
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927B-Class
    Sir, start counting your macros. Carbs/Protein/Fats. mag up ka lang ng 300-500 sa maintaining marcros mo and youll be bulking like mothereffer. chaka take protein shake before workout para protein 1st thing in the morning and atleast may laman ung tyan mo. extra boost din.
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