old school.

good day mga sirs ask ko lang sana kung ano magandang workout ang i-incorporate sa chest/back, legs,shoulder/arms workout. im planning to change my routine kasi hehe! ty in advance mga idol!

btw 3 times a week lang ako mag workout. :)


  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    kung 3 times a week, pwede siguro to

    ex. Monday = chest / tricep
    Wednesday = back / bicep
    Friday = legs / Shoulder


    Monday = chest / shoulder
    Wednesday = back / bicep
    Friday = legs / tricep
  • ainsopaurainsopaur Posts: 47
    bali dyan na rin kasi ako galing sir hehe! from full body to typical 3 day split tapos push pull leg bali balak ko naman sana yung chest/back, legs, and shoulder/arms workout sir emman.

    nga pala mga idol ok lang ba na gawa ko lang yung workout na gagawin ko or kuha na lang ako sa internet then sundin ko un?
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