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Hello everyone.

I am Dee.

I've been fat for almost half of my life. I started gaining a lot of weight in 2000 [when I started college], and had only been keen on trying to lose it in 2006. That's when I started going to the gym, fully ignorant of the fact that I can never out exercise bad diet [i did not change my eating habits that time] I love lifting, but I hate cardio [except boxing!]. But since I am fat, fitness instructors kept making me do cardio [gawd, I hate running on the treadmill] which then makes me hate going to the gym, thus I eventually stopped going. [was a year or two, on and off].

Fast forward to 2010, I started boxing, which I fully enjoy except it made me very very hungry for carbs after training. I also went back lifting that time, now in a gym in Manila which has a rather different lifting program. I actually love their program, only consisting of deadlifts, squats, overhead press, chin-ups, and dips. But due to my school schedule [yup, I was in college for a LONG time] and other priorities in life, I went on and off training for 2 years then eventually stopped going.

I actually did not lose weight when I was training, but I looked and felt better. Glowing skin. All my shirts fit better. I was thinking clearly and mas alert ang mind ko.

Sorry, kung ang haba na. I joined this forum because I think I will learn a lot from people here. My goal is not really to have a ripped body, my goal is to lose fat and make my body toned. Nakakasawa na maging mataba, gusto ko maranasan mag tuck in ng damit. ;) Hindi rin ako nagmamadali, I just don't want to gain back all that I worked so hard to lose.

I am now at 87 kg. I was 92 kg six weeks ago when I started altering my diet. I started lifting again [at home] 4 weeks ago because, I don't know, I just didn't like how my body slumped when I lost 3kg in the first two weeks.

Ayun lang, hehe. My target weight is 70-75kg. I know it sounds heavy for a female my height [5'6"], pero I was 70 kg in year 2000 and I never weight-trained then, and I looked good. I don't know why I am heavier than how I look, I just am. :)

Thanks for reading! :)


  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    Welcome to the PBB community, ma'am...
    Might as well create yourself a journal. Address questions and continue further discussions there. Thank you.
  • jmpilongojmpilongo Posts: 208C-Class
    welcome to PBB batchmate. :)
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    welcome sis! tama si sir @core, start creating your journal. maraming tutulong sayo dito, pramis! :)
  • RayKriegRayKrieg Posts: 577C-Class
    Welcome ma'am! :)
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    Welcome sir! Smile

    babae si ts brah, heheh!
  • RayKriegRayKrieg Posts: 577C-Class
    rtravino29 wrote:
    Welcome sir! Smile

    babae si ts brah, heheh!

    Edited. :duh::duh::duh: lol
  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    welcome mama! hehehe :) san po kayo sa cavite?
  • MaloyMaloy Posts: 582C-Class
    Welcome po sa PBB
  • engr_deeengr_dee Posts: 5
    Thanks sa pag welcome, mga bro. :) I'll do my journal later.

    Sa Molino po ako.
  • beardugo2014beardugo2014 Posts: 208
    uy female! that deadlifts!
    P-p-please be in BGC lol

    welcome to the world of fitness and to this board. hope you enjoy your lifts din.
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