My HydroxyCut Hardcore Elite Experience


Hi Guys,

Just want to know if this is normal, I do read other experience as well with this product.

This is my first time having a supplement.

I'm 5'5" with 91.1kg as of now, from 105kg 2months ago.

I first took 1 capsule of HHE 30 minutes before my large meal which is Breakfast.

30 minutes after, I feel the jitters, I was really in constant motion and not feeling comfortable at that very moment.
I drink much water so I lost numbers of how many times I went to the washroom to pee.

I was really feeling to go to the gym and sweat it out but my work break is still at 11am-12nn. [my usual w.o time]

It was great energy booster because my legs were not tiring me on the elliptical trainer.
my usual phase was 10-15-20 resistance every 5 minutes total of 15, and really feel very tired in 8minutes and 80-90 km/h was the speed.
but this time I can see my legs was not tiring and doing 110-115 even on the 10-15minutes time!

The sweat was really fast dropping just before the first 4 minutes.

I just don't like the jittery part, I was like dizzy and need to be in constant motion.
to describe my feeling that time, it was like "why did I took that capsule!"

I might stop this and maintain on Whey.

If this was a tablet I can slice this in half, but this is a capsule.. lol

If you are using HydroxyCut tapos hiyan ka.. let me know.
I can ship this to you for lesser price since one pill lang ang nakuha ko hehehe.

[copy and paste lang to sa thread ko sa sorry kung nag-english ako dito hehehe]


  • rafderamasrafderamas Posts: 11
    Never tried hydroxycut. Weider ang ginagamit ko, then combo sa musclepharm assault new formula. Works pretty well for me, not sure kung ok din sa iba, pero I don't feel jittery at all and the mental focus is there.
  • lodz05lodz05 Posts: 23
    Naka ubos na ako ng isang canister ng HHE , sinasabayan ko siya ng Intermittent Fasting(IF) , early in the morning 2 capsule(pero sa simula nag 1 capasule muna ako in 2weeks), but I'm on IF eating style wala ako kain after ko mag take ng 2 capsule every morning, my 1st meal everyday is 12nn(lunch time).

    Wala naman masama nangyari sa akin na walang kain after taking HHE in morning, cguro na sanay na un katawan, ang gusto ko din sa HHE mabilis un metabolism ko.

    1st two weeks:
    1 capsule in morning(6am).
    1 capsule 30mins before workout.

    After two weeks:
    2 capsule in morning(6am).
    2 capsule 30mins before workout.

    Tips ko lang wag kalimutan uminom ng maraming tubig pag mag take ng HHE.
  • miserymisery Posts: 160
    Sir, Can i ask if It's okay to take hydroxycut during rest days? wala po kasi sa instruction sa bottle kung if working days or rest days. TIA!
  • jasonongjasonong Posts: 48
    I'd like to ask the experts dito the following...

    - pag rest days, dapat din bang e take ito?
    - parang overkill for me yung recommended dosage sa label, whats ideal for our pinoy body type/structure?

    At ito...

    I am currently taking N.O. explode as PWO drink, pwede din ba itong isabay? If so, paano yung dosage at timing ng intake?

    Ty Guys!!!
  • MaloyMaloy Posts: 582C-Class
    Alright, so my sister is into bodybuilding as well. And she's using hydroxycut elite. To be able to know it's effects, I took a pill 7 hours ago. I didnt feel jittery at all, however my stomach ached for like 20 minutes after taking the pill, and also felt cold while sweating. It ached for 30 minutes and was gone after .

    I was extremely focused during training, no additional reps though, just extremely focused., sweating like a pig as well. I took it around 430 pm.... I am still sweating even inside an airconditioned room .
  • taga_ipiltaga_ipil Posts: 39

    I think pwede i take yan during off kasi di naman yan intended for PWO, Fat Burner capsule basta wag lang itake 4hrs bago matulog.


    Grabe... bilib ako sa tolerance mo sa caffeine pre hehehe... di na ako nagtake after 1 cap. lol
    di ako mapalagay sa Jitters... hehehe
  • am0yfrogam0yfrog Posts: 5
    ngtry ako nyan, 1cap lng( try nga lang e :lol )

    wala nman ako na experience na jitters pero todo pawis ko. ung side effect pa na insomnia d ko npansn kung meron nga kasi may insomnia na talga ako. mukhang ok nman hydroxycut depende lng tlga sa tao cguro
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