Hitting my TDEE surplus

rreorarreora Posts: 178C-Class
Hi guys.

How will i know if Im hitting my TDEE surplus daily?
What i mean is, should i base it depending on my weight gain weekly/monthly?

I started lifting at 165lbs and I weigh around 173-175lbs now (2mons of lifting - 4x weekly - GOAL: Bulk up) . Am i on the right track or theres a need for me to eat more.

One last question, should i recompute my TDEE everytime my weight changes?

Also, should i be concerned with taking high carbohydrates and fats? My TDEE is 2600. I think my macro ratio is 300 carbs/210 protein/70 fats. (50/30/20)

Thanks! I appreciate all answers.


  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    ^May journal ka na ba? All of your questions here is relative to your training, diet and nutrition. Give us the backstory and we can help you better.
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