I stand to be corrected.



  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    12 weeks training - done last sunday

    Deloading for 5 days (started yesterday)
    Monday - rest
    Tuesday - hiit
    Wednesday - rest
    Thursday - hiit
    Friday - rest

    Feb - april results
    1. Weight still the same. Though i increased tdee to 2.8k-3k cal
    2. Strength increased for most of the training. Some days were 'off'
    3. Included hiit workout during rest days

    Photos. (Upper photos last feb. 2014, lower photos captured today)

  • MaloyMaloy Posts: 582C-Class
    Great progress . Minemaintain mo na lang yng weight mo sir?
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    ^no sir. Trying to increase. Trial and error pa eh. So have to adjust again my tdee.
  • riddlerriddler Posts: 1,018B-Class
    Great progress bro! Keep it up! I can see some additional lean mass without losing definitions. :)
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    mukha namang di ka nag ga-gain ng fat esp sa stomach area. anak ng diyos! lamon lang then observe kung minimal fat gain ka lang then continue!
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    Thanks sir. :)

    Hindi po sir tabain din po ako. Hehe. Baka dahil sa added hiit. Opo sir. Magdadagdag pa po ng konti sa tdee. :)
  • DregPittDregPitt Posts: 987
    nice progress. inggit ako sa abs fuark
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    ^thank you sir. :) hehe. Kaya nyo din po yan.
  • RayKriegRayKrieg Posts: 577C-Class
    Nice progress brah!
  • MaloyMaloy Posts: 582C-Class
    putrack wrote:
    ^no sir. Trying to increase. Trial and error pa eh. So have to adjust again my tdee.

    Ang ganda ng bunga ng trial and error mo sir , simply great!
  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    same weight pa rin pero mas malaking katawan?! sheeetttttt!

    on the way to shredded property! lol hahaha Good Job brod! keep it up

    nakaka miss din ang abs for the college girls hahaha
  • I had a little similarities of what you have experienced. I used to be a fat kid too back in my childhood days. And you are someone that i can look up to. Masasabi kong kaya ko talaga. thanks kuya. keep up the good work. kudos!
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    April 5, 2014 - start of week 1
    Upper body powerday
    Flat bp
    100 x 15
    150 x 12
    200 x 5 x 3

    Incline db
    50/50 x 12
    60/60 x 8 x 3

    Weighted dips
    Bw + 35 x 7 x 3

    Bentover row
    100 x 12
    130 x 10
    140 x 8 x 2

    Weighted pull ups wide grip
    Bw + 25 x 6 x 3

    Croc rows
    80 x 6 x 3

    Seated mp
    90 x 8
    100 x 5 x 3

    Db side lateral
    25/25 x 8 x 3

    Skull crusher
    60 x 8 x 3

    Bb bicep curls
    60 x 8
    70 x 5 x 3

    April 6, 2014
    Lower body powerday

    110 x 10 x 3
    150 x 5 x 5

    Leg press
    270 x 12
    300 x 10 x 3

    Calf raise
    300 x 12 x 4

    Hack squat (smith machine)
    80 x 8 x 3

    Leg extensions
    80 x 8
    100 x 6 x 3

    Glute/hamstring raise
    50 x 10 x 3

    April 7, 2014
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    April 8, 2014
    Back and shoulder hypertrophy
    Bent over row
    100 x 12
    120 x 10 x 3

    Pull ups - wide
    Bw x 12 x 3

    Lat pulldown - close grip
    120 x 10 x 3

    Seated cable row
    120 x 12 x 3

    Croc rows
    50 x 12 x 3

    Db shoulder press
    50/50 x 10 x 3

    Side lateral raise
    20/20 x 10 x 3

    Front raise
    20/20 x 10 x 3

    Upright rows
    70 x 10 x 3
  • paturkturk26paturkturk26 Posts: 19E-Class
    First time, long time. It's good to be back.
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927B-Class
    Bro nice progress. i wonder how you look now!. ngaun ko lang nakita journal mo! :) diet and wo routine mo nung 2011 to 2013? nung nawala ung fats mo
  • shaneshane Posts: 116
    Hindi ko alam kung mamomotivate ba ako o panghihinaan na ng loob dahil sa na back read ko sa journal mo bro. Inggit much! hehe. Yes. Please share your diet and WO nung nag tanggal ka ng fats.
  • paturkturk26paturkturk26 Posts: 19E-Class
    @Ghee thanks sir. I've been using PHAT as my workout routine ever since 2012.
    @shane try reading "body building revealed by will brink". I've gained most of what I know from that book. I cannot guaranty that it will work on everyone but I hope that this can help with your journey. Just read it and apply it.
  • HrithikHrithik Posts: 131C-Class
    welcome back bro. matagal ko na inaabangan progress report mo. malaki na siguro gains mo.
  • paturkturk26paturkturk26 Posts: 19E-Class
    @Hrithik malaki na sir. Malaki na nagain kong fat. Hahahah!
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