Elite Labs Mass Muscle Gainer

Pax BisonicaPax Bisonica Posts: 125C-Class
May nakasubok na ba nito?

No "eat food lulz" comments please :)


  • sevenstringsevenstring Posts: 903
    No "eat food lulz" comments please :)

    rofl ^_^ you made my day.


    di ko pa nata try yan, tried looking for the nutrition facts and made some computations for macro percentages and total cal based sa number of servings:

    vanilla ice cream:
    TOTAL CAL 1154.000000
    PERCENT PROTEIN 20.7972270364 %
    PERCENT CARBS 74.5233968804 %
    PERCENT FAT 4.67937608319 %

    double rich:
    TOTAL CAL 999.000000
    PERCENT PROTEIN 24.024024024 %
    PERCENT CARBS 69.6696696697 %
    PERCENT FAT 6.30630630631 %

    cookies n cream:
    TOTAL CAL 1110.000000
    PERCENT PROTEIN 21.6216216216 %
    PERCENT CARBS 73.5135135135 %
    PERCENT FAT 4.86486486486 %

    looks ok. try to compare it with other mass gainers sa thread na ito: http://pinoybodybuilding.com/Thread-Mass-Gainers-Round-up-Price-differences
  • Pax BisonicaPax Bisonica Posts: 125C-Class
    Awesome! Thanks bro!

    35 servings kasi per bag eh which is the most I've seen on weight gainers and just slightly more expensive than Mutant Mass and has creatine. Sa lasa lang talaga magkakatalo.
  • BlacksheepBlacksheep Posts: 45
    Bro bumili ako nto last month gang ngayon nsa kalahati parin. Hhaha
    2 scoops a day lang kasi, sa food dpat tlga lahat kumbaga pang suporta lang.
    Pero okay etong product madali mahalo, masarap sulit siguro ang 3200 pesos sa 2 buwan
  • russell20russell20 Posts: 13
    bka my interested sa inyo mga brad..Elite Labs Mass Muscle Gainer
  • arkyzerarkyzer Posts: 162C-Class
    Tried this one too. Masarap! Chocolate na chocolate! Tas mabilis nga mahalo. Hehe Best tasting mass gainer na natry ko so far. :)
  • Bought this one last month. Nahati ko palang. Double rich tastes good, medyo close sa Nestle Chuckie IMHO. Mabilis mahalo at hindi mabigat sa tiyan.
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