Hello All! Thanks for accepting me!

Hi All,

Thank you for accepting me here!

In 2008 i was overweight, so I rigorously trained by going to the gym at least 3x a week and jogging 3x a week as well. :heavy:

After 6 months time my co-workers were so impressed by how great I looked and they were inspired to indulge in physical fitness themselves.:yahoo:

Fast forward 2010, I stopped going to the gym and exercising COLD TURKEY.

Now, I have gained back all the weight plus more.:unhappy::unhappy:

I'm hoping to hang-out here and re ignite my passion for physical fitness.


Marvin L


  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    noel yung tinutukoy niyo sir. You might as well make a journal[size=x-small](here)[/size] para ma-track niyo po yung progress niyo sa iron game!

    Welcome to the community at mabuhay po kayo!
  • mlibronmlibron Posts: 3
    Hi @core thank you for the reply and sa tip :-)
  • BorexxxBorexxx Posts: 167C-Class
    It's never to late to get back the figure you used to have.. or become better.. Welcome!
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