New in this forums

Hey guys, been lifting for quite some time already but just a newbie in this forums
5'7 1/2 i think or around 5'8 probably
probably around 16-18% bodyfat (Just finished my bulk from 140-160)
Bench Press - 180(wide grip) 150(close grip) max
Deadlift - 200(mixed grip) max
Squat - 150 max (yeah, so weak lol)

I've beenin the gym for about 1y and a half already, but uneducated most of the time and probably just wasting my time back then.
I studied what I needed to do to get somewhere, and I could say that I've been lifting 6 months educated.
I go to /fit/ if any of you are familiar with it, but I kind of need a more local online place to stay when off the gym, hence joining this forum.

Attached is my most recent picture (160lbs)And for some reason, the attachment did not go thru. Re-posting
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