The Best Diet In The World

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Di ko kilala yung author, pero interesting lang kasi nagsulat siya ng ganito kahit na may binibenta siyang ebook.

The last thing you need is a diet plan that is restrictive and lacking in variety. Believing that food avoidance is the Holy Grail to health and better living, or even a better body is shortsighted at best.

There’s a time and place for everything, but if you’re living based on fear, instead of hard data or practical application… I am truly sorry for your lots. [EDIT: I keep getting told I made a typo, but I didn't. I got this line from a famous internet meme... yeah, I've spent too much time on the Internetz]

Remember that how you feel about food will affect your habits and beliefs. Those beliefs will eventually affect how you live. Are your beliefs based on science and common sense? Or are they based on the agenda of some guru trying to make you fit their mold?


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    good read, thank you.
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    Ah si JCD, astig din yan.. Sa LG site nabanggit yan ni Martin cool. For me, any diet types will work, it'll depend on how you execute it and follow it and religiously doing it.
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    I really like how you've turned the idea of 'eating right diet ' into a list of positive actions you can take right now to better your life. Great post and food for thought!

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