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  • Tips for beginners/noobs/newbies.

    sharing what i learned this past 25s year of working out, time to give back.

    1. Enjoy what you are doing, if all the sets and reps feels like a chore, sooner or later youll quit.
    2. Dont over complicate stuff, See number 1, enjoy yourself and your newbie gains, dont think about Macros and all that stuff.
    3. Leave the EGO at home, stick to 8-12reps, your core and nervous system are not yet used to lifting heavy.
    4. Rest, more time in the gym doesnt mean better.....
    5. Take every advice with a grain of salt, what works on someone may or may not work for you.
    6. Stick to whole foods, dont think about protein shakes and supplimentation, as time goes on, youll gain experience, you will know what you need and when you need or if you need them....
    7. Gauge yourself on how you look in the mirror not the scale, for those trying to lose body fat, dont cut calories just yet, working out might have created a caloric deficit...
    8. Lasty stay consistent and be patient, if it was easy, everybody would look the same.
  • 2nd Powerlifting Meet Prep. Got the Bronze. Chase the Gold.

    Hi guys! I did my first meet finally! something @Core would probably love to hear hahaha.
    I've been training consistently without any months off for almost a year and put up decent numbers
    won bronze in the open age group and got silver sa Jrs(only because dalawa lang kami HAHAHAHAHA)
    120kg class. Everything went perfect and PR'ed on all my lifts and got 9/9 Lucky me!

  • patulong naman po.

    @daikixD said:
    puro na ko plano eh. kung kelan nakumpleto mga susuuitin sa pag bubuhat saka ko tumamlay dito. ang hirap kasi isabay ang pag bubuhat kung may work ka. pano nyo ba napagsasabay un?

    mahirap talaga yan, dadating araw magiging madali na yan pag nasanay ka. Tapos pag sanay ka na may bago na naman stressor na dadating tapos tatamadin ka ulit, unless pipilitin mo talaga maggym. Ganyan din ako dati. Nung nasanay ako, madali na. Nung nagka baby ako panibagong hirap na naman pero tiniis ko lang. Ngayon may regular day job ako, tapos magbubuhat ako after work. After WO may tuturuan akong 2 client tig 1.5 hours each. Maglalakad lang ako pauwi. Pagdating sa bahay buhay may pamilya na ulit.

    Pinanganak ako na mahirap e, sanay ako sa hirap. Kahit guminhawa na buhay ko hindi ako nagbago ng lifestyle. Simple pa din. May kotse ako pero naglalakad lang ako lagi, inuman ko sa gym recycled na bote ng cobra hindi shaker cup.

    Yun lang, there is more to the saying NO PAIN NO GAIN. Yung pain sa pagbubuhat walang kwenta yun compared sa pagkayod para makaahon sa buhay.

  • Need help and advise

    Bro..sakin lang to ah...kung ako sayo, magbuhat ka lang muna ng magbuhat wag mo muna intindihin kung bulk o cutting phase ang gagawin mo... hayaan mo muna masanay katawan mo sa buhat bakal...pero hindi ko sinasabi na wag ka kumain o kumain ka ng sobra...
    kung pano ka kumain ngayun, ganyan lang muna tapos idagdag mo yung gusto mo na training (dapat intense ah, hindi pabebe kagaya ng iba sa loob ng gym) siguro sa loob ng 3months, dun ka mag decide kung bulk kaba o cut.
    wala naman masama kung susubukan mo kasi kahit papaano nagbubuhat ka sa loob ng 3months, sigurado may makikita ka paring improvements kung alam mo ginagawa mo sa loob ng gym. :smile:

  • DV

    Kahit may bagyo buhat pa rin..

  • Xerophytes Journey



    1. Post gym assessment so I'm about 4 lbs heavier, quite typical for me since I do drink a lot and have food in my body.

    2. Interesting how my right arm is 0.14lbs heavier than my left. But my legs are very much the same.

    3. I was 111 lbs in my leanest - Nov 2016. This tells me that I have 109 lean mass. Doubtful that I have 0% body fat that time, so I'm quite glad that I actually gain some lean mass.

    4. 15% BF aint bad. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

  • BADASS in the MAKING

    Share lang with @badass_vinch

  • The "Badass" Blueprint (IN THE TRENCHES)

  • Xerophytes Journey

    @Agent_stiff said:
    Hi, newbie here, I've been suffering from being a skinny fat all my life, and now i've decided to do something about it. But also i have some questions and i was wondering if you guys could help me a little bit to solve my problem.

    So, here's the story: I am your typical skinny fat guy. I weighed like 154 lbs. 6 months ago I decided to stop this by myself, so i started doing excercise and dieting on my own for a while. At first i was getting good results, but then i ended up losing weight the wrong way thanks to low calorie diets and weirdo-bizzaro workouts (oh, my ignorance). I lost a lot of muscle and kept some fat (I look like sh*t)

    Now i carry some fat (despite looking skinny in my shirts, I have fat rolls when I crouch or do something similar) and have little muscle.

    Here's the question: should i make some muscle first even if i gain fat? should i lose fat first despite looking all bony? or should i just go to the gym and eat normal then see what happens?
    I've a done a little research but i still don't know which option is better for me, that's why i'm making this question. Let's see what you guys think.

    My stats:
    Age: 27
    Weight: 154 lbs
    Height: 5' 7"
    % bf I'm not sure, but i guess it's around 20%.

    Weightlifting stats:
    Squats: 160lbs (5x5)
    DL: 231lbs (5x5)
    Bench: 132lbs (5x5)
    Rows: 115.5lbs (5x5)
    OH: 82.5lbs (5x5)

    I'll really appreciate if you could give me any advice.

    Also, if I do cut down my calories I feel weak and can't lift well.

    My typical meal consist of:
    -White rice (1 cup for breakfast and 1 cup after workout)
    -Veggies (around 2 handfuls for lunch and 2 handfuls before workout, these are usually raw cucumber, carrots, capsicum, etc.)
    -Protein (just your usual serving of viand/ulam, chicken, fish, pork, beef)
    -Snacks (taken mid-afternoon, usually 1 apple, 3 oranges, or a pack of wheat crackers)
    - I don't take any supplements aside from vit.c, vit.e, and fish oil

    I don't see the reason why you would lose weight and gain fat whilst on a diet and an exercise. If you started as skinny, and working out, I don't think you are getting less muscle density and more fat.

    The question lies on how well is your diet (and structured it is), how was your recovery, how was your stress management and how's your energy level throughout the day. How much are you eating in a day is another question. Volume and frequency. How much energy you actually use up from this. I am not generally after weightlifting stats as personally I feel that they are useless unless I can see you working it with right form and targeting your intended muscle group.

    Establishing a baseline is probably the best way to do this. Most likely you are eating way too much carbs and less protein. In my experience, most people undereat their protein, especially if you are doing bodybuilding. My height is 5'2" and I weighed on average 130lbs - and I eat 180g protein consistently. If you are about 150g, try shooting first 150g protein a day. Design your day in such a way that you put a carbs close around your workout (ie pre workout, postworkout and post-postworkout). I'm currently having pre-workout of 70g of carbs, 5g fat and 30g protein, postworkout of 100g carbs (fast digesting), 0g fat, 30g protein (whey), post-postworkout of 50g carbs, 0g fat and 40g protein).

    My personal choice on whether to cut or bulk is if you cannot see your abs, cut down. It is far easy to gain fat when you are already fat. Cut down til you look aesthetically good. Then bulk up. There's no reason why you cannot do both anyway. If you have the right diet and right workout plan, you could be burning fat and putting on muscles.

    Cutting down your calories should not make you feel weak. I know that well enough when I need to lift with 0g carbs in my system.

    In my rest day, I have 0g carbs. All I eat is veggies, higher fat and protein. (As of the current)

  • No Excuses - Slow Progress

    yung Mani ang pinaka masarap Jan heheh