Ronaldo should perhaps feel a little hard EA FC 24 Coins

By his own high standards, [EA FC 24 Coins ](http:// "EA FC 24 Coins ")the Brazilian had a fairly underwhelming season in Paris. He failed to make it past the 20 goals marker for the first time since the 2022-2022 season and just the fourth time in his 12 seasons as a pro. Combined with the heartache of finishing on the losing side in last season's Champions League final, and last season is likely one that Neymar will be keen to forget.

This poor season means that his rating drops by one, but he's still tied for the title of third best player in the game. His pace and dribbling stats are both in the 90's and his finishing isn't too bad either. He remains a great option for anybody looking to build a team of players from the French league and will undoubtedly score plenty of goals for those that include him.

That Ronaldo still holds a 92 rating at the age of 35 is a testament to how much work he puts in to remaining healthy. Although his pace isn't what it once was, he's still deadly in front of goal and managed to put away 31 goals in just 33 league appearances last season. He's also managed 16 in his last 12 games for Portugal, suggesting he still has a lot left to give for both club and country.

Ronaldo should perhaps feel a little hard done by that his rating has dropped to 92. Like age though, a rating is just a number and Ronaldo's still an incredible player in the latest iteration of EA Sports FC. There aren't too many options when it comes to building a team from Serie A, but in this case, it's probably worth taking the chemistry hit to include him.

The upcoming season will almost certainly be Messi's last in a Barcelona shirt, but had the Argentine had it his way he would have been gone already.FIFA Coins for sale Last season was a disappointing one for Messi, both in terms of his personal performances and his side's lack of success on the pitch. They were demolished by Bayern in the Champions League and missed out on retaining La Liga thanks to some poor post-restart form.

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