They have stated that Diablo 4 is currently in the works

Can we not have mobiles? yeah. . we do. . Diablo 4 Gold We also do not use them for games on account of the predatory micro trade system which is included with them. I have over 500 matches in my Steam account alone. . I've got over 200 Platinum trophies on Playstation. . I hate games that are mobile. . And judging by the response for this mess of a game that no one asked for. . Several have no interest in mobile games . Means to neglect Blizzard. . Way to fail. . You ask us if we have mobile devices. . I request you. . Do you not do market research? Would you not ask the fans exactly what they need? Try it. . As opposed to tell us what YOU believe we ought to want to spend on our money and get up on stage.

Hey let us be honest the cinematic is as normal Thumbs to your team but I am sorry I will not download this match. As far as I have enjoyed playing the Diablo series over the years (yes 3) I can't see myself ever needing to play with it in my phone at work, on the commute or on the bog, it is just not that sort of game. I feel a much greater use of your time and our money Blizzard could have been spent a D4 on the PC (in which the vast majority of your gamers play) or a completely new venture ( I am sure you get a myriad of fantastic people biting at the bit to reveal case anew idea for a match ). Ah well here's hoping you may listen ...

They have stated that Diablo 4 is currently in the works. They aren't ready to reveal it off. That said, I believe it should have teased just like Nintendo failed at E3 with Metroid Prime 4 this past year. Point is, I do not think we could say that they aren't currently doing exactly what people want with it. Some time is taken by games. I think it was a misfire how Diablo IV was introduced by them though. They might have declared it by stating a Diablo game is being made by them and then show it in Blizzcon. That would have tempered expectations a lot. Instead it all they talked about regarding Diablo when they rather hyped up that Diablo got a big statement . It's pretty inadequate planning and bad presentation and it makes sense.

I know everyone hates that this match buy Diablo 4 Gold is portable but personally I'm happy it is. I grew up playing with Diablo and I had been in an accident that broke my throat leaving very restricted use of my palms to me. My telephone can be used by me rather readily although I have a really hard time playing console games. The fact it is on cellular allows me to play Diablo again, so I thank blizzard. Not trying to start anything, I'm just sharing my own piece. What is sad is people are gonna play this and it's probably gonna be a hit... they do not care about their existing fans. Mark my words this sport will blow on cellular and they gont be laughing at the cash. One can only hope it flops. But that will not be the case and it is known by them.

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