It's not a big fan of WoW cataclysm Gold crowd control

Subtlety The main characteristic of rogues is their ability to utilize stealth, which makes the rogue invisible to any near enemies. This can be a factor in certain combo moves that you can use, like Ambush and Garrote which require you to WoW cataclysm Gold stealth to be able to attack and also let you explore areas, avoid mobs, in favor of one-on-one opponents, and make use of the extremely useful Sap skill. Sap can be used for solo or playing with a group; when you're stealthed, you'll be able to use Sap to stun a foe them for a long duration of time. This will take you out of stealth mode but it'll reduce the number of foes you'll face during the fight or at the very least, slow their entry into battle.

Most of your Subtlety skills will, in turn improve versions of your standard abilities. The best of them is probably the Improved Sap which allows you to sap targets without having to go into stealth mode. It is possible to combine this with a long-distance puller group member to divide mobs but without having them all aim at you automatically and your warrior buddy may instead utilize his weapon to target some of the other mobs who aren't Sapped and let them run away from you while allow you to follow and start your Backstabs.


Pros The best class for healing. Highly sought-after for instances in dungeons. You'll encounter any issues finding groups, particularly at higher levels.


Doesn't stand an attack, and cannot wear anything other than the level of cloth armor. It's not a big fan of crowd control.

If you're someone who buy WoW cataclysm Gold loves helping teammates with buffing and healing and healing, then a priest's likely be the most reliable and satisfying class for you. Even though it has the ability to deal with harm, the priest's role is definitely focused on healing as the primary aspect of its skills, making it a popular choice for the dungeon group. (In fact one of the most frustrating aspects of being as a priest is dealing uninvited group invitations and random whispers from people that you do not know, especially in high-levels.)

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