Protein Supplement Recommendation

Good day guys,

I am currently finding protein supplement with these kinds of attributes:

-Slow absorption (Time-release Protein)
-With digestive enzymes (For protein absorption effectivity, avoid bloating, gas, and loose stools (diarrhea))
-Multiple protein sources except soya (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Casein, Egg Protein, etc.)
-Less unnecessary ingredients (Sugar, Cholesterol, Sodium, etc.)

As of now, I already search the following products:

ProMatrix 7
Pros: Slow Absorption, Multiple Protein Sources (6 sources), Good Taste, Cheap Price
Cons: High in Sodium, with Soya, No Digestive Ensymes
※Contains micellar casein and egg protein which was known to absorb protein slowly.

Stacker 2 Not Just Protein
Pros: With Digestive Enzymes, With Additional BCAA, No Soya, Cheap Price
Cons: High in Sodium, Only 3 Protein Sources
※No idea about the taste

Rule 1 Whey Blend
Pros: Brand are popular and trusted, Low Sugar (use herbal sweetener), Low Sodium, No Soya
Cons: Only 3 protein sources (WPC, WPI, WPH), Higher Price (Compared to the mentioned above)
※WPI and WPH are known to be fast absorbing protein.
※No idea about the taste

※I prefer to not have soya protein my supplement as it may cause hormonal imbalance (estrogen) for male.
※For sodium, recommended daily intake should only be 2-2.5 gram a day as it cause obesity, water retention (bloating), and other disease like high blood.

As of now, I think I'll go with Promatrix 7, since I can just eat papaya or drink yakult for digestive enzymes.

If you have other recommendation based on my preference, please share it here so I can review and consider it. Thank you!


  • Whey casein is slow absorption.
    I dont get it why you would combine whey concentrate and whey isolate when whey isolate is a refined product from whey concentrate with its lactose removed. ????????‍♂️
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    I advise you to start using HCG for your first steroid cycle and it will work! I suggest you

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