Two Kinds of Freeze Dry Machine

Intermittent Freeze Dry Machine

Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is suitable for multi-variety and small-volume production, especially in the food field for seasonal food production. With stand-alone operation, if one device fails, it will not affect the normal operation of other devices. Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is convenient for controlling the heating temperature and vacuum requirements of different stages of material drying, with easy manufacturing, maintenance and repair of the equipment. However, since the operations such as loading, unloading, and starting take more time, the equipment utilization rate is low and the production efficiency is not high.

Continuous Freeze Dry Machine

Continuous vacuum freeze drying equipment is explored and used at home and abroad. The continuous equipment is a single product with a large output and sufficient raw materials, especially for the production of pulp and granular products. Continuous equipment is easy to implement automatic control, simplifying manual operation and management, but it is expensive.

With the end of GMP certification, the domestically produced excellent freeze-drying equipment for medical use has entered the modernization stage, with complete functions, reliable work and stable performance. It can realize online cleaning (CIP) or steam sterilization (SIP), various technical indicators, which can meet the needs of lyophilized production of biological products and pharmaceuticals. In contrast, the specifications of foreign freeze-drying equipment are more than domestic equipment, with complete equipment, energy-saving structure, and continuous lyophilization equipment. In order to ensure the quality and energy saving of freeze-dried products, freeze-drying equipment and other drying equipment often combined together, such as spray freeze-drying equipment.

In the future, how to improve the freeze-drying efficiency, shorten the drying time and save energy will be the goal of the majority of freeze-drying industry workers under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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