Wheyl nutrition. Filipino brand support

Hi all,
So lately I moved to stacker 2 and felt that it's a good supplement.
A few days ago I saw wheyl nutrition on fb and Decided to support this local company by trying their supplements.
It has just arrived today and like normal, I will give it 10 days before I can review it for you guys. Stay tuned. j8iAlDBh.jpg


  • ill check on your review soon sir :) im planning also to buy JUST whey protein

  • SzekanSzekan Posts: 57
    I have used this protein for 4 days.
    It has a weird taste. It has no gum and is very watery. Best to take this supplement with milk.
    Also the taste is very very mild. You just need 6oz of water to make it taste good. Anything more will make it very waterish.
    As far as protein is concerned, I think it does what it's suppose to do but just that the add water content is very low.
    With 2 scoops of stacker 2.i can add 16-18oz of water and with this it's just 10-12oz
  • sir Szekan saang whey malapit taste nya

  • sir how much 'to and saan mo nabili?

  • @yoisthename said:
    sir how much 'to and saan mo nabili?

    lazada meron and shoppee

  • @primouno01 copy. thank you sir.

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