Consequences of Show Off and EGO

Good Day Everyone!

I am Jayar and I have this not so Good Experience with Showing Off or what we call "Pasikat"

Ive been lifting since 2013 and been having great results, from 120lbs with 30% BF to 160 on 15% BF, with my physique keep on progressing there is one thing I hasn't paying attention since. The "EGO", Yes! We all do this "Show Off" like when a Newbie comes to your gym and you we were like, hey kiddo watch bench 3 plates so fuck off.

Going back, One day when I was at a Mall I pass by an amusement park, I decided to go inside, check out for some good games until I see this Hammer Smashing Game (High Strikers) were you will smash a cylinder using a hammer showing how much your strength can score. I decided to hit this Hammer Game and Show Off what my 17 inches arms can do.

I inserted the token, press the start button, WRAP THE CHAIN ON MY HANDS CONNECTING THE HAMMER. and Smashed the Cylinder.

BANG! A loud sound bursts from the Hammer that almost all the people look through the game, When Suddenly I cant feel my middle finger on the left hand anymore to see it looks obscure.

I closed my eyes to check if it was for real or not. I cant believe it. my middle finger. BROKEN INTO TWO.

I managed to put it back into place, I heard a lot of CRACK sounds like the bones are being crushed.
I never wanted to admit to myself that it was broken, I just thought it might be dislocated, I never did went to an orthopedic doctor for a week until 10 days has past and the swore hasn't been out yet.

and yeah after 10 days, I went to a Doctor to find out it was fractured. I manage to Fracture my Proximal Phalanx on my Middle Finger almost connecting to the Joint. and what could be more even worst the Doctor said it was to laid to have an operation to align the bones because it started to heal. Because I was so dominated by my EGO.

A Better image of the X-Ray

Weeks past by without lifting, without exercise and I couldn't even hold a 5 pound plate all because of my SHOW OFF MINDSET & EGO. PASIKAT NA KUPAL
It was one of the most Down Times of my life, I was so Sad that I imagine myself as a useless man handicap ego shit moron guy

I started to watch inspirational videos, inspirational movies. I saw this guy who broke his two feet and still manage to enter Bodybuilding Competition.
And the blind man who stole the Bodybuilding Event with his Outstanding Pose knowing that he is blind. The man who became a preacher after his arms and legs were blown by a bomb. I told to myself, its never too late. It wasn't too late.

4 weeks after the incident I consulted my doctor and said its now okay to hit the Gym, Slowly I manage to move my Finger A bit. With the help of some random Internet Hand Therapists Videos, who helped me a lot on bringing the mobility back.

Days pass by until Im able to bend the Finger for 90% of its original mobility, my doctor said I might not be able to bring it back. but fuck it, Shit Happens.
3 month has passed I am able to wreck the plates and bars at the Gym. and Whats the Moral of this Story guys?

Don't be an asshole, Douchbag, Ego Showy Moron Guy! Don't be like the Old Me.

Ayus ba mga chong? Enjoy life, compete with yourself. be a better you.
Build not only your physique, but also your Character.

God Bless my Paps!

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