Newbie from Bukidnon

Technically, I'm not a newbie but I only spent about 2 months in a gym before I stopped. A combination of work, life, lack of information etc got in the way. I hope that I'll find additional motivation in this forum.


  • cyke2k4cyke2k4 Posts: 38
    gud to hear from you bro, diyan na destino as volunteer teacher last year yong sis ko. lamig diyan sa malaybalay, at although halos araw araw daw ulan walang kabaha baha hindi tulad dito sa lugar puro sementado, barado at lubak hehe.
    anyways nag gain weight din sis ko dyan eating mostly only root crops :)
    welcome to pbb.
  • neiamneiam Posts: 4
    Thank you. Sarap ng pagkain dito eh ahaha. meats are relatively cheap dahil lapit lang sa farm. same with most veggies. Fish lang mahal.

    Unfortunately, 3 gymsabg andito and they are kind of small. Saka no supplement stores. :-(
  • cyke2k4cyke2k4 Posts: 38
    go natural , you have cheaper sources. eggs, meat, broccolis.. are good source of protein. calcium sa mga plants like pechay & kamote. potassium rich bananas.. and a whole lot of vitamins from fresh fruits.
  • nagase0003nagase0003 Posts: 100
    welcome po.
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