Where to start from here?

Gusto ko po seryosohin ang bodybuilding, 3 years na po ko ngwoworkout pero on and off po. My current training split looks like this(been doing this for a month now):

Lunges pag sa bahay, Leg press sa gym
Romanian Deadlift
Leg extensions
Standing calf raise

Bench press
Incline bench press
Shoulder raise machine sa gym, Military press sa bahay
lateral raise
DB flyes
Close grip bench press
Standing overhead DB extensions

Barbell bent over row
Lat pull down sa gym, reverse grip bent over row sa bahay
barbell curl
concentration curl or hammer curl
Barbell shrug
Reverse flyes

Im currently on a cut. Madami po kasi maling nagawa the past 3 years, lumaki yung tiyan ko, I can only bench 130lbs, squat 110lbs, and deadlift 130 lbs, any advice where to go from here? should I continue training like this or switch to another program?Thanks in advance


  • twice a week po ba ung P/P/L mo?
    too much volume ksi sa push and pull mo (para sakin)
    para sakin simple lang

    -Bench Press
    -Military Press
    -Weighted Dips
    -Skull Crusher

    -Barbell/DB Row
    -Pull Ups or Lat Pulldown
    -Bicep Curl

    focus on getting stronger on compound lifts like deadlifts, benchpress, mil press dips etc.
    proper form and good nutrition :D hopes this helps sir
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