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  • My 6 months cut phase

    primouno01 wrote: »
    sir sa 70kg mga ilan ang bf mo?

    I am 70kg, 10% body fat right now.

  • What is the most effective bodybuilding/str program for you? Why?

    I have always worked out old school style which is one body part a day and Sundays off. It is proven and works great.
    Any program is suitable as long as
    1) proper form
    2) heavy weights
    3) 14-16 sets in total
    4) target all the heads of that particular muscle group
  • Wheyl nutrition. Filipino brand support

    I have used this protein for 4 days.
    It has a weird taste. It has no gum and is very watery. Best to take this supplement with milk.
    Also the taste is very very mild. You just need 6oz of water to make it taste good. Anything more will make it very waterish.
    As far as protein is concerned, I think it does what it's suppose to do but just that the add water content is very low.
    With 2 scoops of stacker 2.i can add 16-18oz of water and with this it's just 10-12oz
  • What should I buy? Mutant MASS or Mutant WHEY ?

    Mass gainers are nothing but just waste of money.
    The serving have massive aMount of carbs with low protein. If you want carbs, eat rice, pasta, bread, etc.
    If you take mass gainers, you Will become fat or big depends on how you use those carbs intake.
    With whey you will only complete your daily protein intake and help recovery. Excess of protein will just get out of your body when you pee unlike carbs which when not used, the body will store it as energy and eventually turn into fat.

    Mass gainers might only be usefull to extremely thin guys and extremely active guys but with your weight, you just need whey protein and work hard.

    By the way whey is not a magical powder, you might not even see any difference when using it. I suggest read more about macros if you want results
  • My 6 months cut phase

    5 months now into the cut phase.
    I am now going to increase my calories to 2500. Hopefully to gain some size as I am just 70kg now.