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  • Animal Pak and Animal Stak (journey)

    2nd week of our journal for the stak and pak since holiday kahapon di ako agad naka pag update last sunday nag hike pala kami minor lang pero we make more challenging saktong sakto sa cardio ko yung ganap last sunday, syempre i take STAK and PAK that day.
    Ok second week si STAK same with PAK. Si pak this last weeks tinetake ko sya ng gabi kasi inaantok ako pag day and stak 45mins before workout. same pa din tulad ng week 1 pero at this point tumigas ang muscles ko yung ang puna ko di katulad dati na parang malambot na may water na kasama, mas aggressive ako di agad na papagod as in nung nag hike kami parang ako lang yung ayaw mag break till hindi nakaka rating ng summit, Then kinabukasan umiscore pa ako sa chix epekto din yun ng mataas na T levels very good. di tulad dati na ilang araw na pagod pa din ako at gutom na gutom after 2-3 days pero syempre mandatory satin ang mag pahinga since it was a long cardio last sunday. Well ayun po muna since this is the last week I will take my STAK Last update will be by next week. see yah!!

  • My personal EXP...

    Di ko mahanap yung pic ko nung bago ako mag cut ehhh di ako mahilig mag tabi ng pictures kasi well ok here it goes pag pasensyahan nyo na po! this is me after and before halo halo hahahaha

  • Animal Pak and Animal Stak (journey)

    @Hrithik said:

    @primouno01 said:
    need natin tapusin yung 21days sir para sa STAK para malaman yung overall... yung PAK baka gawin ko na syang total multivatamins.

    update ka ulit dito bro every now and then. thanks.

    sure po mag post ako ng before and after pic.... sa stak

  • Animal Pak and Animal Stak (journey)

    need natin tapusin yung 21days sir para sa STAK para malaman yung overall... yung PAK baka gawin ko na syang total multivatamins.

  • For those looking to diet or cut look here.

    @Szekan said:
    greyfox wrote: »

    @Szekan said:
    Hi all,
    I am a new member here. I see a lot of people in the local gym trying to cardio or hiit to lose weight. What they don't realise is that gym is only 20% of the effort, the 60% is all in what they eat. Therefore you have to clean your diet if you really want to lose weight.

    1) Diet is just to lose as much weight as possible. You just want to go from a large t-shirt to a small size and really don't care about frame, muscle or aesthetics

    2) cutting is you try to lose as much fat as possible while saving the most muscle mass as possible.

    If you guys have any questions please ask, I will try to hell as much as I can.
    Let's get this thread going :)

    Hi Sir Szekan,

    Good day!

    I would like to ask your advice and opinion, Ive been lifting weights for 1 year but not consistent.

    My goal is to cut fat and build muscle. Now I make sure to be consistent .My workout is at least 3-5 times per week.

    I’m 37 yo,5’4” , 136lbs(62kg), assuming 25% body fat.

    For you reference Im using these applications/ calculators. TDEE and MyFitnessPal.

    1.TDEE calculator.
    The results are if im cutting, 40/40/20, 115g protein, 51g fats,57g carbs.
    The cutting calories is 1,149 calories per day, which is a 500 calorie per day deficit from your maintenance of 1,649 calories per day.
    Carbs 57g
    Fat 51g
    Protein 115 g

    2.Currently I’m following my fitness pal recommendation. The calculated my calories at 1427 calories
    Carbs 71g
    Fat 63g
    Protein 143g

    I would like to follow your suggestion. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    1g per body weight =136g of protein,
    .4g per body weight= 54.4g fat

    My goal is to reach 60kg, honestly I’m not sure if that weight is fine or suitable to maintain when I have lowered my body fat.
    My questions are:

    i.Should I adjust my weight goal to cut and then bulk?

    ii.In your opinion how should I adjust my macros and required calories with my current status?

    Thank you in advance,

    My progress from 1 year from 67kg to 62kg (still a lot of work to do to build muscle).

    I shall answer your queries in points.
    1) You caNnot cut fat and build muscle at the same time. But you can minimize the muscle loss.

    2) I don't think 1149 is the right figures. Def. Something wrong. Either way, I would start by 1500 calories and see how it effects the body.
    I had been on 1200 calories cut but trust me you can't go more than 1 month on that sort of diet plan.

    3) your plan on fitness pal looks fine. Just lower your fat intake to about 50g and up your carbs by 100g. And by carbs I mean good carbs which don't spike your blood sugar level.

    4) you have got the diet correctly but now you need proper training.
    Lift heavy and with proper form.
    Everyday cardio is a must. Treadmill for 30 mins everyday with speed of 6kms.

    5) dedicate one whole day for legs including squats, deadlifts, cardio (50 mins). Because legs are big muscles and when you train them, the body secretes out more testestrones Or something like that...

    All of sir Szekan was correct,

    Dagdag ko na lang sir maganda na ang progress mo nag daanan tayo lahat sa ganyan ganyan din ako nag start you will always repeat the process bulk cut, bulk cut, the wrong thing i did was umaasa ako masyado sa cardio na di pala dapat dahil nag habol ako ng 1year para mag karoon ng muscle mass. wag din magiging matigas ang ulo natin pag may nag sabi ui bagsak na katawan mo ui na taba ka pansinin natin yung mga ganung points dahil di agad natin mapapansin sarili natin. other thing once you hit the plateau its a wall na kahit anong gawin mong exercise and diet di na baba fat levels mo and di ka nag grow on my exp. i rest for 2-3weeks lalo na pag nag cucut ako and i eat some pizza burgers fries but in moderation then i start to bulk again dun ko na pansin nung medyo sikip na damit ko. good luck po