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  • Ano masasabi nyo sa mga pumupuna bakit daw panay picture ang nag ggym?

    Ala akong paki.

  • Xerophytes Journey

    Yesterday's workout:

    One Arm DB row
    10/10/8/8 reps = 30/35/37.5/40 kg

    Rev grip Lat Pulldown (2s contraction, slow eccentric)
    10/10/8/8 reps = went up to 160lbs

    Wide rev grip partial deadlift (slow eccentric)
    3 sets of 5 reps = 199 lbs

    DB Biceps Curl, slow eccentric, 2s contraction (8, 8, 6, 6) - 7.5kg to 12.5kg
    Alt Hammer Curl (12, 12, 10, 10 reps) -7.5kg to 12.5kg

    One Arm DB biceps curl, 8 reps then 2 reps of slow eccentric. 30 s rest in between sets. 3 sets. - 7.5kg

  • Xerophytes Journey

    Rest day today.

    Came back from vacation last Tuesday. Workout on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Tuesday - Back and biceps.
    Wednesday - Chest and triceps.

    Winding down today, getting ready for tomorrow's leg day.

    Strength up after all the food. Still feeling good tho. :)

  • No Excuses - Slow Progress

    xanxus wrote: »
    Sa 2 months mahigit na pag babasa ko ng mga journals dito at pakikinig sa mga nag papayo..
    kahit 30mins to 1hr lang yung workout ko sa isang araw.. minsan sa bahay lang.. pero may progress parin :)

    From December to February

    xanxus wrote: »
    Mga sirs ok lang kaya yun dapat rest day ko pero ginagawa kong workout day? kasi 5x a week ako nag woworkout.. 30mins to 1hr pag weekdays tapos 1-2hrs pag weekend.. then 2 days na rest.. kaso parang pag nag rerest day ako, naguiguilty ako na di ako nag bubuhat eh, feeling ko ok naman pakiramdam ko kaya nag bubuhat ako kahit sa bahay lang.. so parang nawawalan ako ng rest day..


    Your body has two nervous system - a sympathetic and parasympathetic system. You activate the sympathetic system for catabolism while parasympathetic system for anabolism. The only way for you to grow is through anabolic pathway. Remember, everyday your body is put on a stress mode and the more you add in to that, the more activation on sympathetic. This means - stress at work, traffic, deadlines, and even merely EATING and BREATHING is part of a stress on your body. Then now you are supposed to be resting your body to promote recovery and growth, you pushed more stress on the body activating your SNS further, and guess what happen - catabolism. Your body tears down more muscle, which are already torn down, then when you are supposed to work out, it's already torn down and further going to get damaged without giving a rest or time to grow and recover. Over time, this will lead to fatigue and chronic inflammation.
  • 5'5 - 70KG Guy - Ok ba Promatrix Mass Gainer?

    Your food intake is irregular.

    Your sleep pattern is irregular.

    And now you want to introduce a bigger variable - mass gainer for muscle growth?

    I can guarantee you, your money will go to waste. Fix your food intake. Fix your sleeping pattern. Optimize your recovery. Create a healthy routine. THEN, let's talk about supplementing your program.

    It's like saying, oh hey, let's buy big fancy TV but we don't have electricity and lock for our house.