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  • Xerophytes Journey

    Haven't put any update but...

    I really hate my lower body now. Consulted a PT and have my mobility/strength checked and basically the diagnosis is that my glutes and quads are not firing properly, my hamstring are tight AF - all three of which are what I expected is happening, which causes my lower body to compensate in a lot of my lower body movements. Been suffering it for awhile and I have a chiro before to check with and repair. But now I don't have my chiro so not really sure what to do. I was told that I just need activation therapy to wake up my glutes and quads muscles.

  • Bulking Problem

    I just rely on myfitnesspal and log in all my food there. Every gram of any food has different macro breakdown.

    For instance, one serving of rice, which is 45g (or 1/4 cup) of bigas (uncooked white rice) is equal to 36g carbs when cooked. Remember that white rice needs to be cooked with water and depending on how much you add varies on how much grams you get afterward. I usually weigh out the dry rice, cook it then re-weigh it so I will know how much is the conversion. If you are lazy, typically it's x2. So 90g of cooked white rice = 36g carbs.

    For chicken, say if it is 99% fat free, it should be 4oz = 44g protein.

  • 3 in 1 coffee

    @j0hn_reden said:
    Noob question mga sir,ano mangyayari pag madami ba intakke ng sugar? Pag madami uminon ng 3 in 1 na kape

    Then that should add in to your daily carbs intake.

  • 3 in 1 coffee

    Black coffee + splenda

  • No Excuses - Slow Progress

    xanxus wrote: »
    Sa 2 months mahigit na pag babasa ko ng mga journals dito at pakikinig sa mga nag papayo..
    kahit 30mins to 1hr lang yung workout ko sa isang araw.. minsan sa bahay lang.. pero may progress parin :)

    From December to February

    xanxus wrote: »
    Mga sirs ok lang kaya yun dapat rest day ko pero ginagawa kong workout day? kasi 5x a week ako nag woworkout.. 30mins to 1hr pag weekdays tapos 1-2hrs pag weekend.. then 2 days na rest.. kaso parang pag nag rerest day ako, naguiguilty ako na di ako nag bubuhat eh, feeling ko ok naman pakiramdam ko kaya nag bubuhat ako kahit sa bahay lang.. so parang nawawalan ako ng rest day..


    Your body has two nervous system - a sympathetic and parasympathetic system. You activate the sympathetic system for catabolism while parasympathetic system for anabolism. The only way for you to grow is through anabolic pathway. Remember, everyday your body is put on a stress mode and the more you add in to that, the more activation on sympathetic. This means - stress at work, traffic, deadlines, and even merely EATING and BREATHING is part of a stress on your body. Then now you are supposed to be resting your body to promote recovery and growth, you pushed more stress on the body activating your SNS further, and guess what happen - catabolism. Your body tears down more muscle, which are already torn down, then when you are supposed to work out, it's already torn down and further going to get damaged without giving a rest or time to grow and recover. Over time, this will lead to fatigue and chronic inflammation.