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    I just quit my smoking about a week ago and while at it gusto ko na din isabay yung pag gym, i decided to start a personal online journal to monitor my development and pls feel free to voice out any sugestions or opinions,

    So here it is,

    Just call me urek(not my real name),29yrs old, i think ive been smoking for around 11yrs above and finally decided to quit,i have a medium body buid,around 5"7 ang height ko.xSVYEaYh.jpg

    Bale nag start lang ako ng mga simple exercise dto sa tinitirahan ko, meron akong dumbells ,bars and plates na around 150kg galing sa local friend ko dto, un lang gnagamit ko now at isang makeshift na benchpress haha, then i watched some videos on you tube regarding sa kung ano2 ang pde ko gawin sa mga gamit ko,so eto na po

    Strechings for around 10mins(watched some vid on youtube)
    Jump ropes 4mins x 3 sets
    Jumping jack 3mins x 3sets
    Half push ups( 20reps × 3sets)
    Bench press 40kg 9x3 sets
    Dumbell press? 15kg each 8x 3 sets
    Military press 45 kg 7x3sets
    Sit ups 15x 3sets

    And mostly i spend my time on cardio workouts na napanood ko dn sa you tube(due to i want to increase yung oxygen capacity ng lungs ko)

    Im a total noob talaga so most of what im doing wala akong idea,baka meron kau mai suggest na routine para sakin,

    My main goal is to detoxify my body

    Anyways i think im gonna keep on doing this for around 3 weeks then see if im ready to hit the gym,tsaka mejo mag nood dn ako ng mga youtube vids to gain knowledge on what exercise i need to do para sa target body parts ko.

    Pls feel free to give some inputs and opinions

    Thanks a lot and more power
  • smoke quiter

    Ah salamat sir,well its really hard to quit in fact as of now i am tempted to buy and light a stick, iniisip ko n lang na sayang naman un 1 week n pag titiis ko,and yes ill make a journal as you recommend, gusto ko dn kasi makita yung personal achievements ko and baka sakali na may matulungan or mainspire sa mga pinag gagawa ko haha,anyways salamat po,
  • smoke quiter

    Hello guys newbie po ako dto sa pbb,and just as the title said i just quit smoking around a week ago,and i am now on the process ng pag lalabas ng mga toxic at nicotine sa katawan ko. By the way i am 29yrs old around 5"7 and my body buit is i think medium, d ako mataba pro d naman payat and i have built up some mucles due to my line of work when i was younger. Bale manghhingi sana ko ng advice sa inyo kung anong program ang bagay sakin as of now i started doing jumping ropes,4mins x 3 sets , push ups(ung half lang) 15x3 sets, and jogging. Yan lang gnagawa ko for a week na well for me mainly just to fasten the process ng pag clean ng katawan ko then sinasabayan ko ng juices like cucumber juice, orange and lots of water, mejo wala dn ako time mag punta sa gym due to my work now (im a bartender and i work from 5pm to 3am(with ot)
    May maipapayo ba kau sakin na work out routines?meron akong mga plates at bars dto(i think i have around 150kg of plates from a friend here) and a makeshift benchpress haha, well plano ko sana na eto muna gamitin ko until i find a gym buddy here and managed my schedule(there will be a gym opening nearby my place that the my local friends said is open 24hrs due to most of the people on this area works at night or night shifts jobs)

    If you would ask me ang gusto ko sana na katawan is yung parang kay yuri boyka(undisputed 3) and maitain it around that ways if possible, i know this is only the begining of my lonnnggg journey in body building and fitness and im hoping that i can endure the mental pain of suddenly not smoking haha paxnxa na po sa mahabang kwento madami pa sana ko gusto sabihin pro maybe on my nxtpost na lang.

    Thanks po sa lahat and more power pbb