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  • I need Help! for body building

    Eat sleep lift repeat
  • The Game Changer..

    very inspiring. i was losing motivation kasi puro kainan left and right for the past 2 months. akala ko tapos na yung kainan sa christmas, tapos andami naman nagpa-despedida nung january at feb pabalik sa canada/US puro oily foods. ngayun, im slowly going back on track. kakainggit naman yung katawan mo kuya haha. magkakaron din aku nyan hehehe

    Suki din ako ng handaan these past 2 months. Like @Troll_W_a_Heart said i plan ahead, cut your calorie i take throughout the day prior to the event. Just make sure you are meeting you protein intake. But you know man don't stress yourself out we can't avoid kainan and handaan just be happy and don't regret it, just make sure you bounce back the day after.
  • The Game Changer..

    146lbs 14% body fat

    First 3 months of bulking Bulking was really fun, before i used to disregard isolation movements when i was cutting I mainly focus on compound lifts (bench, deadlift, squats) my lifts pre-bulk @ 135lbs were Bench: 150lbs x 3 / Deadlift: 200lbs x 3 / Squat: 170lbs 1RM, used to be a power lifter when i was cutting and i find it very effective for cutting at least for me. Now I included isolation movements on my routine. My lifts while on bulk at 146lbs were Bench: 150lbs x 10 / Deadlift: 200lbs x 10 / Squat: 200lbs x 5

    152lbs 14% body fat

    6 months into bulking I dropped my Calorie intake from 3000 to 2800. since i started to notice some fat gains around the love handles and pectoral area. kind of annoying whenever i get fat these 2 areas are the first to get floppy. But i can live with that, so i dropped 200 calories basically from carbs. i am now eating 390g of carb 160g protein and 50g fat

    172lbs 15% body fat - 9 months in

    9 months into bulking as of January 2016. celebrated my first year of Fitness, as for the celebration I ate 10,000 calories on new years eve. yes that's crazy big but it was fun but not so much the day after (wish i still have my phone to share my 10,000 calorie treat :( ) This is my current physique. i kept my body fat at 14% - 15% for the past 9 months i guess that's sub par but I can deal with that. from this point in time i am still learning and of course bulking until i reach 205lbs and hopefully next year i can cut back to 10% body fat again hehe.