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    @bundesheer said:
    Sa Legpress din ay medyo bumaba din ang stat ko, from 310kg x10 ay 270 kg x 8 na lang,:(

    no energy? increase mo fat intake

  • "Great things take time"

    Im using it right now, very seldom, a 5lb jug can last me 3 months, my macros are on par thats why i dont drink it too much, i just have a shaker bottle in the car with a serving or two for those just in case moments, if youre eating on sched, you dont need one.

  • Monching11: Project Pogi

    @TryandTry101 said:
    monching11 sorry sir monch,di ko ginusto mang gulo dito sa journal mo

    Iho, dont get offended when someone corrects you, it will benefit you in the long run if you learn to listen first, react afterwards, not the other way around, we are all friends here, i would suggest we treat each appropriately, bury the hatchet and lets move on, kakahiya sa host. A simple ok will do, Ok?

  • Cardio or no cardio??

    @RyanChin said:
    Hello po newbie here, medyo naguguluhan lang ako sabi nila hindi na kailangan ng cardio para palabasin yung abs pero mag 4months na ginagawa ko weights+Abs workout pero hindi parin matanggal yung fat. kailangan ko ba talaga mag cardio? pero nagpapalaki rin kasi ako ng katawan.

    The truth is you dont need to do abs to have abs, abs are made in the kitchen, working out is just 10-15%.... And now youre trying to bulk...doesnt make sense....well cardio does help in increasing metabolism by making your body more efficient in using oxygen....but if you can have a caloric deficit by just strength training you dont need cardio to get lean.

  • Tips for beginners/noobs/newbies.

    sharing what i learned this past 25s year of working out, time to give back.

    1. Enjoy what you are doing, if all the sets and reps feels like a chore, sooner or later youll quit.
    2. Dont over complicate stuff, See number 1, enjoy yourself and your newbie gains, dont think about Macros and all that stuff.
    3. Leave the EGO at home, stick to 8-12reps, your core and nervous system are not yet used to lifting heavy.
    4. Rest, more time in the gym doesnt mean better.....
    5. Take every advice with a grain of salt, what works on someone may or may not work for you.
    6. Stick to whole foods, dont think about protein shakes and supplimentation, as time goes on, youll gain experience, you will know what you need and when you need or if you need them....
    7. Gauge yourself on how you look in the mirror not the scale, for those trying to lose body fat, dont cut calories just yet, working out might have created a caloric deficit...
    8. Lasty stay consistent and be patient, if it was easy, everybody would look the same.