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  • SL deadlift

    Stronglifts was basically based on Starting Strength. Rippetoe has explained that the reason for that is he designed Starting Strength for his usual market. Which are high school kids starting out with weights and are primarily doing so because they need to get better at a sport. They also need to be able to still play that sport the day after their workout, so it was just 1 set of 5 reps.

    Imo, no need to limit yourself to 1 set if you're not competing at a sport, as in you get to rest on your rest day.

  • ba't walang resulta? almost 4 months this 29th august

    @uphillclimber said:
    stronglifts sa first 2 months den pag 3rd month brosplit..den ngaun all pro...haha iba2 ...pero ngaun all pro na talga ako im at bulking at 200 to 300 surplus.......oo beastmode lagi..ung to d point na ang pawis tumaktagaktak kng mag upo ka...........may diference ba? o wala?hahaha do i need to wait more

    Why did you stop stronglifts? How much were you lifting there?

  • Recommended Workout Program for Ectomorphs Like Me

    @ravager said:
    Thanks sir. I installed Stronglifts 5x5 app on my phone para may guide ako. May nakita din akong video sa youtube na gumamit nito plus GOMAD. Di ko alam kung susundin ko yun o mag-whey protein na lang ako. Matakaw talaga akong kumain. Laki nga ng tiyan ko. :lol:

    GOMAD gets thrown around without the context it was originally intended with. SL was based on Starting Strength which was made by Rippetoe, the guy in this video. And this is what he says about it.

  • After 1 week doing SL 5x5

    A person builds about half a pound of muscle a week. Beginners can gain more than that, other than that only way to gain more muscle is to use steroids.
    Gaining some fat is inevitable though, since you need to be at a calorie surplus in order to build muscle. At 2lbs. for a week you likely gained fat. Can also be just water weight, which is why, as already mentioned, you take your weight in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Also, you need sufficient sleep to build muscle, lack of sleep and gaining weight is likely from fat.

  • Should I stick doing SL 5x5 or should I go back to split routine?

    @ravager said:
    I mentioned on my last post that I started weightlifting last 2013. At that time, I was doing split routine, Chest/Triceps, Back/Legs, and Shoulder/Biceps. Then my classmate said that I had some improvement for just multiple sessions even if I was very active being a working student. This month, I decided to continue my unfinished job last 2013 in the gym. Last Wednesday, I failed to do OHP and I was wondering if SL 5x5 will help me to develop in just 3 months. As far as I know, de-loading of weights will happen after 3 consecutive failed sessions while doing OHP.

    Kaya tuloy nung hindi ko sya nagawa, nagworkout ako after SL 5x5 para sa biceps and shoulders ko.

    Di ko alam kung para talaga sa akin si SL 5x5 o balik na lang ako sa program na ginawa nila para sa akin. :disappointed:

    Put simply, if you are still able to add weights to your lifts then SL is for you. Even if you only do this for bodybuilding, starting out with SL allows a beginner to ramp up the weight of his lifts and he can then switch to a bodybuilding program afterwards. Failing to do a set is normal, it doesn't mean you did something bad or wrong. Failing at OHP first is typical as it is after all the smallest muscle compared to the other lifts. What are the weights you lift in the SL exercises?