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  • NIK's Journal

    I used to go to Eclipse Gym -- which I think -- particularly its Mandaluyong branch, is still one of the, --if not the best gym in the metro. its 6 (or 8 if i remember it right) power racks makes it one of the least equipment-centered gyms, and the free weights as core of exercise philosophy stuck in me. power racks and 5x5 are complementary. i'm 5'8, used to be skinny at 130lbs, in 2011, when i started lifting, using 5x5. I remember I could hardly keep the bars stable in benching 30 lbs.

    I think I peaked in late 2014 at 158 lbs. lifting stats:
    deadlift 325lbs 3X5, max of 335lbs 1X5
    squats 295 lbs 3x5, max of 305lbs 1x5
    not proud of my bench though -- it peaked at 175lbs 3x5, 185 1x5.

    up to now, bench presses are still my weakest. (funny--early this year someone pointed out my arm distance are a bit too close for bench to be effective and its exercising mostly my triceps. and to think i was wondering why my triceps seems to be ahead of my biceps. thus I tried keeping it wider, and saw better results!!! #after4years)

    life, and commitments got into lifting though and i stopped tracking my progress. got better deal (and location) for Gold's, and changed gyms. but kept my bit of both the program (intensity faltered) and clean diet (though volume faltered too). Weird, butI struggled with food intake. I'm sure maraming makakarelate, at some point eating becomes a chore, and stuffing yourself serious amounts of protein and carb way way long after you feel satiated does not feel right all the time. well, i guess one doesn't complain so much about happy problems, eh.

    I'm down to 147 lbs (with some stretchmarks at the shoulder/armpit area, and lower butt). interestingly, when I least expected it, medyo lumabas yung six packs -- but I'm on a bit of a wiry look now.

    surprisingly, even with less mass, I'm still at roughly 90% of my maximums of 5x5, so I kept most of the strength. I guess I'm fine with the look (including prominent cheekbones), Mirrors used to tell me i'm doing OK (or perhas it was better lighting?), but recently i think i'm getting thin(ner). and some friends started pointing it out as well.

    So --time to take a crack again at 158 lbs i guess.

    so there. 5x5 and me got a longway, but i think the time has come to part...

    suggestions, welcome.

  • My Journey

    nice, same height lang tayo. ill definitely do back reads to get inspiration from your journey. good luck bro and tuloy tuloy lang!!!