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  • ProMatrix7-My personal experience

    Kamusta po sa lahat. Ito po ang aking karanasan sa pag gamit ng ProMatrix7. Clarify ko lang po na hindi ako affiliated with ProMatrix7 in any shape or form. These are my personal experience using supplements. I started going to the gym 2 years ago under doctors advice because I have ashtma. He said I needed to exercise. I was 58 yrs old. After 3 months I change my goal of muscle toning to bodybuilding. I acquired tendonitis on my left elbow. I endured this condition for over a year. Trying arm straps, spray pain killers, and pain killers. Did not work. Cause I did not know any better,,no pain-no gain. It was geeting annoying. Can't do biceps curls, pull downs, or any movement involving my elbow. So the OIC at my gym suggested I try ProMatrix7. I was using NitroTech (did not like the taste, gave me GAS!!), Muscle Milk- taste great, but these 2 supplements are too damn expensive on my limited budget. So I had the OIC buy me a bag of ProMatrix7. I followed the recommended dosage on the back. And BAM!!!! Before I finished the bag my tendonitis was GONE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on my 13th bag. So far no problem with GAS, my ihi is normal color, sex life like a 17 yr old in heat:yahoo:yahoo: Fast recovery between sets, I'm not as tired after workout, I can stay up late even on gym days. So for me this supplement work. It may not work for you, but you can't try only 1 bag and say it doesn't work..And that goes for any supplement, you have to reach saturation to feel the effects. How safe is it??? Well let me ask you this,,,,how safe is your name brand?? These supplements are not tested or controlled and I don't care if it's made in the US. So I just wanted to contribute to the community my experience and MY OPINION!! Please respect that and I would yours. Rackem' up Bros!!!!Ohh did I mention about my sex life :arghh: