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  • The Game Changer..

    146lbs 14% body fat

    First 3 months of bulking Bulking was really fun, before i used to disregard isolation movements when i was cutting I mainly focus on compound lifts (bench, deadlift, squats) my lifts pre-bulk @ 135lbs were Bench: 150lbs x 3 / Deadlift: 200lbs x 3 / Squat: 170lbs 1RM, used to be a power lifter when i was cutting and i find it very effective for cutting at least for me. Now I included isolation movements on my routine. My lifts while on bulk at 146lbs were Bench: 150lbs x 10 / Deadlift: 200lbs x 10 / Squat: 200lbs x 5

    152lbs 14% body fat

    6 months into bulking I dropped my Calorie intake from 3000 to 2800. since i started to notice some fat gains around the love handles and pectoral area. kind of annoying whenever i get fat these 2 areas are the first to get floppy. But i can live with that, so i dropped 200 calories basically from carbs. i am now eating 390g of carb 160g protein and 50g fat

    172lbs 15% body fat - 9 months in

    9 months into bulking as of January 2016. celebrated my first year of Fitness, as for the celebration I ate 10,000 calories on new years eve. yes that's crazy big but it was fun but not so much the day after (wish i still have my phone to share my 10,000 calorie treat :( ) This is my current physique. i kept my body fat at 14% - 15% for the past 9 months i guess that's sub par but I can deal with that. from this point in time i am still learning and of course bulking until i reach 205lbs and hopefully next year i can cut back to 10% body fat again hehe.

  • I need Help! for body building

    Eat sleep lift repeat