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  • My journey to a healthy lifestyle

    update: after 1 month

    From 124Lbs → 132.8 (weight & pics taken pag kagising sa umaga)

    Diet: is so-so mostly estimate lang but i make sure i get enough calories.

    Rest muna ako sa beef sa ngayon, napansin ko parang sumisikip dibidib ko pag beef everyday, it only happends lang naman after eating. Nextmonth ulit balik ako sa beef pero bawasan ng konti, i also make sure nakaka 5liters ako ng water per day.

    Supplements: Not necessary at the moment, nada.

    Program: I switched back to typical training split which is 1x a week, body is not able to recuperate quickly to train 2x a week. In terms of strength nag skyrocket and because of this mas challenging nabubuhat ko now and I always end up sore (in a good way) ng ilang araw, kaya 1x a week training is sufficient for now.

    Wisdom Gained New training approach.

    Yeas ago when i train, I always push my self to the limit, as in everytime or session is like a WAR vs me and the iron, parang "parusa" ba T_T. I recalled, dati dapat lagi heavy ang workout pero hindi ko naman goal maging power-lifter so it could be just my ego that time or just mis-information.

    This time, because I set my goals right and really know what I want. I can train the smart way pala and avoid those unnecessary efforts, save time and even energy. I'm enjoying more now yung pag w-workout (happy) and best of all no pressure.

    The sweet spot between training hard and smart is what works best for me.


    I haven't trained abs since day 1, do you suggest na i add ko ito sa current program ko or seperate sya, pwede siguro mag cardio ako pag rest day kasama ung abs? Advice po, so far ung training ko now limited lang ung energy ko, good for 30-40 mins any additional exercise will lead to fatigure na siguro for me.

    Thanks and God is good :D

  • My journey to a healthy lifestyle

    Update: After 17 days