Protein Shake Recipes

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Since may singaw ako ngayon at hirap kumain lol. Post naman kayo dyan ng high cal recipes!


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    i think may thread dito ng various protien shakes posted way back try mo search :)
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    peanut butter,
    olive oil,
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    Di ko na nga pinapansin eh haha
  • These are not so high-cal but, share ko lang mga usual recipes ko I use with whey. Double the quantity nalang or what if you want to make it high-cal hehe.

    [][][][]1. Protein MugCake
    1 scoop whey
    2 egg whites
    1 packet stevia
    Onting milk/ or plain yogurt (around 2-3 tablespoons)
    1/2 banana

    Mix everything sa mug, microwave on high for 1-2 mins. and enjoy :)
    Pwede nyo lagyang peanut butter sa ibabaw if you want.

    [][][][]Protein Pancakes
    1/2 banana
    1 scoop whey (preferrably vanilla-mas masarap than chocolate)
    1/2 cup rolled oats
    1 packet stevia
    2 egg whites

    Blender all ingredients. Cook like a regular pancake (Use non-stick pan or gamit ng onting olive oil para di dumikit) and enjoy

    [][][][]Protein pudding
    1 scoop whey
    1 cup plain yogurt
    1 packet stevia

    Mix, and enjoy :)
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