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  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    Question, ano ba magandang warm up/ stretching before engaging to actual warm ups to work sets ng compound mismo?
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    Dynamic warm ups, band pull aparts, YTWLS, (for shoulders & pressing movements). Do stretching after your training or on restdays.
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    okay salamat. Will do that tomorrow sa dynamic warm ups..
    Eto ba yung YTWLS?
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    Thanks! mukhang ayos nga, that'll help siguro sa lagging OHP ko hehe saka tinatama ko na yung OHP since delikado nga talaga yung stance ko nung napanood ko sa last video ko. Isang set lang yan sir mights?

    And Ta-try ko yung hindi naka lean back baka sakali mag improve
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    Ako one set lang 8 reps using girly DB's.
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    ah i see. sa vid kasi 6 reps lang ginawa nya using that dumbbells. Try ko na rin 6-8 hehe. salamat!
  • zehelzehel Posts: 43
    ano po meaning nung YTWL o YTWLS, pag ginugoogle ko hindi lumalabas yung meaning puro YTWL lang din, parang eto exercise meaning
  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    YTWL doesn't stand for anything. try searching using image search sa google and you'll understand why it is called YWTLs :)
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    I PR'ed 345lbs x 1 on DL's tonite.

    When I added 2, 2.5lbs on the bar it was on a whole different level. Couldn't even lift it up off the ground. I know this is normal since my CNS, mental aptitude and not only my strength comes into play when lifting but my question is, is there a certain assistance exercise that would help me getting the weight up off the ground with heavy DL's? Kasi dati malaki problema ko sa lockout, can't lock the weight pagdating sa taas, when I started rowing heavy on bench and deadlift days(kroc rows mostly) sobrang nag improve yung lockout ko and nawala na yung problem.

    Is there something similar that I could do to improve lifting the weight off the ground?
  • NamerNamer Posts: 99
    Doing deficit DL (standing on let's say 2 45lbs plates) will help improve on the initial part of the DL. Tsaka di ba PR mo na yan, so it could mean na yan and max weight mo sa dl sa ngayon kaya di na umangat kasi nag- exert ka na ng >100% mo. Try mo sa next DL day mo kung makakaya mo with the added 5 lbs. If not, back off a little.
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Galing thank you for your input sir Namer. I will try adding some Deficit DL's on my DL's assistance work. Oo nga e. Will try to pull 350 x 1 next time on my last set.
  • NamerNamer Posts: 99
    Kung di naman kailangan wag mo na idagdag kasi kung naka- PR ka na ng araw na iyon, at di ka na maka- PR ulit, next workout mo na lang subukan. Kung several workout na di ka na maka- PR, backoff on the weights. Max weights doesn't always equate to PRs. IMHO.
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    Ayun may ibang tao na dito!!! hahaha

    Will be back on track to hit that 500lb DL this year. Patay kung patay na ito!
  • gutz_3110gutz_3110 Posts: 79D-Class
    stupid question: does lifting straps count in doing PRs? i can't lift heavy w/o straps due to weak grip.
  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    PR > Personal record, personal preference. PL meets(any fed), no.
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    ^re-read his question
  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    It's a personal preference, whether he set it as his PR or not. Some people training for strength find using straps cheating/gay. On the other hand, some people uses it for bodybuilding purposes, like at least rep it out for a one or two more rep. For instances, when you start doing a set on deadlifts and your grip already fail at an earlier number of repetitions but the rest of your body don't.
  • CodexCodex Posts: 16E-Class
    hi im kevin would like to know how to treat elbow tedenites, while
    im performing triceps extension my elbow hurts all i do affter the
    work out is apply ice, asking if ther is an excercise help streghten
    the elbow joint, and lastly could any one direct me where i could
    purchase a bench shirt and a squat suite,

    425 without a suit is quite strong for a 220 pounder. It's tougher to hit
    2xBW in the squat and 1.5XBW in the bench when you are heavy. It is easier
    to do these proportions when you are lighter. This is why among Pinoys,
    these ratios are fairly common for those in the 100-150 pound BW range but
    rare for those who are way over 200 pounds BW

    Your numbers as a 220 are respectable. You may lift less now as a 170 but
    the proportion should go up, unless you are very uncomfortable at 170.
    Through smart training, you should exceed that 425 even at 170.

    If you will compete in powerlifting, you won't need a suit or bench shirt
    until 1-2 months before your first competition. So if you don't plan to
    compete soon, you may decide to postpone your purchase. If you are
    interested to compete soon, the National Novice Championships (an annual
    event) will on the first weekend of Feb 2006.

    Your basic strength needs to be developed first. Then as you peak, you will
    need to learn and get used to the suit so that by the time you are in the
    competition, you are fairly familiar with it. As you gain experience, you
    will be using the suit less in training.
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